Property Transfers

•Jeffrey Alan Coleman to Jerry Lynn Coleman and others.

•Nathan G. Sellers to Kevin Richard Andrews in district 21.

•Spiridon L. and Sandi S. Roditis to Joy N. Brown in district 4.

•William Rutherford and Judy Hickerson Davis as trustees to James A. and Jeanene A. Jones in district.

•Dewey Ellis to Byron and Lori Ann Rogertson in district 4.

•Kathryn Diane Murdock to Dylan Lee Murdock in district 1.

•Donnie L and Sharyn J. Bell to Donnie L. and Sharyn J. Bell.

•Mark and Kathy L. Cartwright as co-trustees to William R. and Vera E. Haaijer Abercrombie

•Christopher J. Stark to Indian Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. In district 6.

•True Tabernacle Church to True Life Apostolic Church in district 5.

•Paul and Tonia Mcafee to Tonia Mcafee.

•Robert M. and Redonna Sullivan to Paul Lance and Brenda Marie Rice in district 1.

•John W. and Barbara Ann parker to Debbie Jordan Manor in district 16.

•Dan P. and Amber N. Mueller to Bernard Campbell.

•Anna Marie Martino to Brian S. Watson in district 4.

•S&T Properties, inc to James and Melissa D. Terrell in district 4.

•Brian D. and Cassondra M. Bounds to John Ross and Kayla Lynn Lee in district 4.

•Northwest TN Property General Partnership to Nathan and Amy Chambliss in district 11.

•Christopher E. Becker to Sidney F. and Matthew Chapman in district 11.

•Christopher martin and Julia Elizabeth Finley to Kimberly Crouch and others in district 16.

•Donna Williams and others to Donna Williams in district 22.

•Wilma Jo Milton to Norris C. and Kimberly J. Milton in district 22.

•Bulah Luter and others to Kristy N. and April C. Patterson in district 2.

•Robert Garland and Beverly S. Ellis to Starla Kaye McCallister in district 9.

•Sandra Johnson to Justin H. and Valerie L. Mcmackin in district 11.

•Harold A. Crumby II to Sharon Pruitt in district 6.

•City of Bruceton to Paul T. Crews and others in district 16.

•Harold A. Crumby II to Timothy R. and Lorrie Proudfit in district 6.

•Joyce Ann Hatley Hampton to James B. Hatley in district 2.

•Lumenie Denilus to James and Sabrina B. Peterson in district 13.

•Teresa Marie Vick to Christopher Michael Laws in district 16.

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