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Sarah Luci of Huntingdon was issued a citation into court and charged with theft of property involving merchandise on 02/06/23. This incident did occur at Huntingdon Walmart.
Sale to a Minor
On 02/09/23, officers asked a minor to try and buy a vape from Country Vape located near Hucks in Huntingdon. The minor proceeds to make a buy from the location without being ID’d. Cashier at the time, Julius Adkisson, was placed under arrest for the underage sale of tobacco to a person under 21 years.
Multiple Charges
On 02/07/23, dispatch received a call from Walmart in reference to an individual who took a wallet from the customer desk, walked around the store to “locate” the owner, gave the wallet back empty. The individual dropped his cash app card in the Walmart parking lot, allowing officers to identify him as Cody Noah. Noah admits to taking the cards in order to return them to the owner.

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