HUNTINGDON (February 15) — The following cases were heard in Carroll County General Sessions Court on February 15.
Cases resulting in a guilty plea or finding are:
Anthony W. Cole, Lisa Ln., Huntingdon, guilty, Driving While Canceled – 2nd or subsequent offense, six months jail-all suspended, supervised probation; dismissed, Registration Law Violation, Window Tint Violation, and Financial Responsibility.
Justin Edwards, Jones St., Huntingdon, guilty, DUI-First Offense, $350 fine, 11/29 jail suspended except 48 hours, DUI school, supervised probation, and not to Dr. for one year.
Brett Wayne Garland, Gann Rd., Milan, DUI-First Offense, $350 fine, 11/29 jail suspended except 48 hours, DUI school, supervised probation, and not to Dr. for one year.
Erica Gordon, Finch Rd., Gleason, guilty, Dr.r’s License to be Carried, 30 days jail- all suspended.
Matthew Herrin, Cherry Ave., New Johnsonville, guilty, Probation Violation, 10 days jail, probation extended four months.
Andre Hunt, Culpepper St., Milan, guilty, Driving While Revoked due to DUI Conviction, 180 days jail-suspended except 48 hours; dismissed, Failure to Stop at Stop Sign; dismissed, Violation of Financial Responsibility.
John Jones, Jr., 5th Ave., Humboldt, guilty, Evading Arrest-Flight-Vehicle, 11/29 jail-suspended except 30 days, supervised probation; dismissed, Driving While Suspended – Second or Subsequent Offense; dismissed, Light Law Violation; dismissed, Failure to Appear.
Keith Eugene Davis, Oaklawn Dr., McKenzie, judicial diversion, Disorderly Conduct, unsupervised probation for six months, not to Dr. for one year, no contact with victim; judicial diversion, Implied Consent; dismissed, Theft of Services; dismissed, DUI-First Offense.
Paul Jordan, Stephanie Rd., Huntingdon, guilty, Driving While Revoked, $100 fine, jail sentence suspended except time served, supervised probation.
Jacob Martin, Hopewell Rd., Lavinia, pre-trial diversion, Violation of School Attendance/Withdrawal, diversion period for four months with review on June 28.
Robert J. McClerkin, Holmes Rd., Huntingdon, guilty, Driving While Revoked, $100 fine, six months jail-suspended; dismissed, Speeding; dismissed, Registration Violation; dismissed, Financial Responsibility Violation.
Nicholas Edward Scott, State Route 77, Hollow Rock, guilty, Public Intoxication, $350 fine, unsupervised probation; dismissed, Implied Consent.
Ashley Nicole Smith, Bowden Rd., Huntingdon, guilty, Failure to Appear, 30 days jail – concurrent with previous sentence in Circuit Court; dismissed, Probation Violation.
Westley Dale White, St. Johns Church Rd., McKenzie, guilty, Driving While Suspended, $100 fine, six months jail-suspended to time already served, supervised probation; dismissed, Violation of Financial Responsibility.
Tyler Matthew Wilson, Hebron Church Rd., Bruceton, guilty, Driving While Revoked, $10 fine, 30 days to serve – all suspended, supervised probation; dismissed, Failure to Change Address on Dr.r’s License; dismissed, Failure to Use Headlights in Inclement Weather; dismissed, Violation of Financial Responsibility; dismissed, Driving Unregistered Vehicle.
Bryant L. Woods, Rolling Hills Park Circle, Yuma, guilty, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, $150 fine, 11/29 jail with option of day-for-day credit with successful completion of inpatient rehab; dismissed, Driving While License Revoked -Second or Subsequent Offense; dismissed, Schedule II Drugs – Manufacture, Deliver, Sell or Possess.
Lutrecia Harris Tharpe, Chickasaw Rd., Paris, dismissed, Driving While Suspended, Violation of Light Law, Financial Responsibility.
Angela Tolley, Church St., Tiptonville, dismissed, Driving While Revoked.
Gabrielle Williams, Lisa Ln., Huntingdon, dismissed, Theft.

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