Property Transfers

•Brenda Marie Jones and others to Dassett at McKenzie LLC in district 22.

•James Wilson Churchwell to James Wilson and Robert Frank Churchwell.

•Carlos Alberto and Rosario Medina Escamilla to Jennifer and Arthur Fowler.

•Linda M. and Joseph M. Fabiny to Brian Whitehead in district 16.

•Joe Ann Smith to Brock L. Smith.

•Betty Jane Coleman to Wallace Jr. Coleman in district 21.

•Valarie L. McMackin and others to John M. and Matracia Lynn Roberts in district 10.

•Ray Smith to Ashley T. Cook.

•Ethan Michael White to Michael Lee White and others in district 12.

•Margaret Allen and others to Tanya Thompson Mullins in district 2.

•Stephen M. Battiste to Kelli E. Ballard in district 4.

•Curley L. Staten to Joe Howard Jr. Staten and others in district 13.

•Rumor and Taylor James Gibson to Bailey Hayes and others in district 3.

•Jeremy Ryan and Shelby McQuesten to Bobby Lee Hampton in district 11.

•Roy O. and Linda A. Bozeman to A&T Properties, INC. in district 11.

•Kerry Brent and Kevin Glen Work to Dalton M. and Shelby M. Davis in district 16.

•Regina Kirk Grant and others to Regina Kirk Grant in district 6.

•Johnnie Ruth Bawcum to James R. and Jewelene Parkins in district 16.

• Larry W. Rooker to Larry W. Rooker in district 21.

•Jeffrey Alan Newbill to William Allen Jr. and Jennifer Espey in district 19.

•Jonathan Gorup to Brandon M. and Emily A. Cook in district 5.

•Alisa Gail Whitworth and others to Judy and Danny Payne in district 4. 

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