Property Transfers

  • Edwin Dwayne and Julia Martin Hinson to Denise and Raymond L. Roberts in district 11.
  • Richard Martin to Donald R. and Sandra L. Harrison in district 12.
  • Robert D. and James H. Jr Mabry to Elmer R. and Patricia D. Brenwall in district 4.
  • Eldon Lynn Laman to Danita K. Laman in district 23.
  • Robert A. Cotton to Brandon L. and Morgan D. Thornberry in district 11.
  • Jennifer Bray to Elements Home and Improvements, INC. in district 21.
  • Northwest TN Property General Partnership to New Vision Trust and Tony Dang IRA. In district 22.
  • Lee Ann Coleman to MRH Holdings in district 22.
  • Janna and Russ Friend to Jeremy Russell and Janna M. Friend as trustees in district 6.
  • Koie L. and Jennifer R. Smith to Jason D. Postlewait in district 9.
  • O.P.E. Corp to Angels investments, INC.
  • Alice Brewer to Jerome Clay Sydnor in district 3.
  • Charlene Y. Gentry to Charlene Y. Gentry in district 8.
  • Dawn Cook to Jose Castro in district 2.
  • Dwayne D. and Gena K. Maddox to Brian Michael Strop in district 11.
  • Kenneth Reynolds to Kenneth and Christy Reynolds district 13.
  • Carylon Sue Hedge to Gloria Ann Phillips in district 22.
  • Chares F. Turner Jr. to Barbara D. Turner.
  • Jeffrey M. and Tammy L. Thomas to Middle Road Farm Partnership in district 2.
  • M Land, INC to Kevin Johnson in district 11.
  • Lisa Vinson to Ronnie Cooper in district 2.
  • Larry and Donna Scarborough to Jeffrey and Donna Fowler in district 21.
  • Eleanor Jane Overbey to Robert Eldon and Judy M. Espey in district 11.
  • Thomas Lagee Liady to Thomas Lagee Liady as Trustee.
  • Stephen and Vanessa Bobo to Lester V. and Retha A. Galbreath.
  • Donna Jo Sloan to Patrick C. and Patsy A. Anthony in district 23.
  • Denise C. Dwyer to Josef O. and Melanie M. Neumair in district 4.
  • Nasson S. and Kimberly R. Garrison to Rachel Elaine Prater in district 4.
  • C.B. Kee and Z and J Enterprises INC. in district 11.

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