Property Transfers

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  • Tessa Loville O’Brien to Daniel C. and Lesa A. Andrews in district 4.
  • Logan Jr. and Johnny L. Anderson to Anthony Couch in district 10.
  • Martha Irene and Joel Vann to Dan P. and Amber N. Mueller in district 21.
  • Thereasa L. Neely Page and Brian L. Page to Nathan and Jessica H. Clark in district 11.
  • Wanda Carol Rainey as executor to Wanda Carol Rainey.
  • Brian Shannon Shaw to Shari E. Shaw in district 4.
  • Laura C. Tabada to Judith Holdeman and others in district 9.
  • Tessa L. O’Brien to Daniel C. and Lesa A. Andrews in district 4.
  • Paul Ward Jr. to Paul Linden Ward Jr. as trustee in district 11.
  • Paul Linden Ward Jr. to Paul Linden Ward Jr. as trustee in district 5.
  • Chad Taylor to Randy G. and Tracey A. Wortham in district 11.
  • David Sikut to Eric H Steinmann in district 6.
  • John and Davina Gurschick to John and Davina Gurschick in district 7.
  • Lucy A. Christian to Mark E. Nice and others in district 11.
  • Sue W. Campbell to Phillip D. Powell in district 4.
  • Marsha terry and Bill B. Hollins to Donald Perkins.
  • Larry DePriest and others to Jessie and Alamar G. Duncan in district 11.
  • Bobby Inge to Judith A. Eubanks in district 22.
  • Darrell Smith to Jason and Jennifer Palicka in district 11.
  • Mallardonia Hunting Club to Shoaf Management Company in district 2.
  • Mallardonia Hunting Club to Green Wing Hunting Club in district 2.
  • Cindy Hardee and others to Thomas Chadwick Taylor in district 11.
  • Iva Lucille Hatley to Seth and Jill S. Bennet in district 11.
  • Don H. Renfroe to Kimberly Renfroe Johnson in district 13.
  • Mark D. Warren to David S. and Beverly C. Duncan in district 4.
  • Krista Brush and Jeremy Walters to Tessa L. O’Brien in district 4.
  • Daniel E. and Zaira Athziry McPeek to Richard T. and Sharia L. Fisk in district 17.
  • Edwin Dwayne and Julia Martin Hinson to Denise and Raymond L. Roberts in district 11.
  • Woods and Water Properties, LLC to Dawn and Tony Hinson in district 11.
  • Richard Martin to Donald R. Jr. and Sandra L. Harrison in district 12.
  • Robert D. and James H. Jr Mabry to Emer R. and Patricia D. Brenwall in district 4.

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