Thomas A. Patronis Jr. to Thomas A. Patronis as trustee in district 7.
Terry Ray Boane to Tessa Loville O’Brien in district 4.
Jimmie S. Taylor to Jimmie Sue Taylor and others in district 4.
Tommy Gene and Patricia A. Long to Johnathan and Carey Zeiss in district 2.
Quebecca C. Algee to Dwight Algee in district 21.
Willett Algee to Halbert Algee and others in district 21.
Edward Barry Jr. to Phillis Nelson.
Sydney Lauren Lowry to Carter Scott McMackin in district 4.
Phillis Nelson to Salvation Properties Inc. in district 5.
Twenty first Mortgage Corporation to Dewey Palmer and others in district 2.
Mildred L. Tate to Tony Wyatt and Celeste Jean Sapp in district 21.
Ray Smith to Ashley T. Cook.
Wilda and Harvel Escue to Charles and Annette Hurmiz.
Robert Lewis Hoskins to Darlene Sue Hoskins in district 2.
Linda Cole to Brandon and Kimberley Smith in district 8.
Johnnie Petering to David Merrell and others in district 3.
Ensley Dirt Work and Investment Properties, LLC to Bo Brookes McLemore in district 7.
Ester McClerkin to Heather Moore in district 4.
Industrial Development Board of City of McKenzie to City of McKenzie.
Roger Neal Mainord to Johnna N. Mainord.
Joseph Anderson to Jasmin and Joseph Anderson in district 22.
Vanna Lynn G. Husley and others to Vanna Lynn G. Husley. In district 5.
Robert Tate Coverdale to Jacob and Jada Smothers in district 11.
Amanda M. McCracken to Amanda M. McCracken in district 4.
Dennis Peterson to Timothy Day in district 16.
Leanne and Barry Brittain to LPS Real Estate and Acquisition in district 24.
Johnathan and Heather Kee to Stephen and Doris Parker in district 16.
Brenda Spencer to Jamie Williams and others in district 16.
John Grace II and others to Michael Langford in district 1.
David B. Bell and others to John M. D. Diggs in district 7.

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