Property Transfers

Sherry Chance Arnold to Sherry Chance Arnold in district 5.

Midway Materials Inc. to Tyanna Lynne Ragsdale.

Richard Davis to William Chuck and Cindy F. Gaskins in district 9.

John D. Combs to Catherine Cavaness in district 13.

Mistee D. and Kelsey B. Cooper to Mistee D. Cooper in district 22.

SAC 2021 LLC to MDC Coast 27 LLC.

Nancy Hosey and others to Jennifer Bray in district 15.

Cary E. and Shonda R. Eskew to Robert Clay McMackins in district 12.

Chaseon and Tabitha Sego to Christopher T. Rich and others in district 24.

Mark J. and Rebecca N. Barnes to Mark and Rebecca Barnes.

Kathy Fowler Epperson to Martin L. and Lisa Batte in district 16.

Dale Nelson Jr. to Lauren Bivens.

John Ross and Zachary Smith to Dan McBeth.

Katherine Elaine Walch to Shadow and Claudia Rose in district 16.

Allie Sue Smith to Allie Sue Smith and others in district 6.

Transformation Properties, USA, LLC to Samantha Blankenship.

Scott Alen Beasley to Dameon C. and Mary E. Melton in district 21.

Zachary J. Gilliam and others to Cameron B. Burton in district 2.

The Roger and Pamela Lindsey Living Trust to Custom Tool and Design Company, Inc. in district 13.

 Jesse W. and Lindsey J. Shaffer to Kristen Randall in district 16.

Darlene Cox to Frank A. Cox in district 23.

Maleah W. Phipps Hollingsworth to John Willard and Sarah Katherine Lancaster in district 16.

Matthew C and Misty D. Aird to Matthew and Misty Aird.

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