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Property Transfers

Kenneth A. Perry to Cody Glenn Calaway and others in District 6.

James Williams Rosser to James Williams Rosser and others in District 13.

James Williams Rosser to James Williams and Steven Tracy Rosser in District 13.

Sherry J. Tucker to Justin Dean and Magan Gail Lease in District 4.

Amanda D. Scalf to Heather Price in District 11.

Barry James and Mildread Elaine Harnett to Robert Todd and Janet Johnson Rainey.

Jewell Newman and others to Rob and Tammy Blankenship.

Joe Ann Smith to Jonathan R. and Jennifer M. Robinson in District 6.

Kristen Leigh Bond to Seth K. and Brooke McDaniel in District 11.

Jonathan L. and Fannie E. Borntrager to David Lee and Angela Faith Turner om District 12.

Trent Cole Gooch to Victoria Altom Gooch in District 13.

Scarlett Barger to Kelia McCartney.

David G. Mangum to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. in District 23.

Lucian Kee Sr. to The Luke Kee Irrevocable Family Trust in District 15.

Vicky Parrish to Brandi McDaniel in District 5.

Timothy W. Stokes to Robert H. and Nikki R. Carnahan in District 13.

Imogene P. Presley and others to William Allen and Jennifer A. Epsey Jr. in District 5.

Robert Todd and Janet Johnson Rainey to Jeff Barker.

Trey H. and Reannon M. Cool to Christopher M. Finley in District 16.

G.W. and Charlotte Duncan to David Duncan in District 20.

G.W. and Charlotte Duncan to Darren Duncan in District 1.

Linda C. and Elbert R. Vestal to Christopher Paul House in District 12.

Dora Myles Anderson to Makala Elizabeth Anderson.

Brain Cook to Anthony Wayne and Erica Yvonne Welti in District 4.

Joseph Thomas Wortham to Wortham Brothers Rentals, LLC in District 16.

Jamy Lynn and Joseph Thomas Wortham to Worthams Brothers Rentals, LLC.

Elisa D. Kyle to John Slater Elliott in District 12.

Sylvia E. Brandon to Barry Allen Brandon in District 13.

Roger W. and Amy Jean Schroeder to Robert J. Senter in District 16.

Charles Jefferson Diggs Jr. to Charles Jefferson Diggs Jr. and others.

Gina and Barry Jordan to Joshua W. and Savannah B. Williams in District 11.

James E. and Jean Roberst to Marva Deane.

Jessica Amber Miller to James Wardkiw in District 21.

Carlton Knight and others to Steven R. Knight in District 2.

Lottye C. Choate to Tereasa Ruth Matlock and others in District 19.

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