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Property Transfers

•Jerry T. and Laura F. McDaniel to Jerry T. and Laura F. McDaniel in District 13.

•Hayden Odell and Linda Jane Poyner to Christopher and Elizabeth Ann Boss Rich in District 16.

•Wallace Q. and Lawanda Taylor to Johnathan A. and Brianna McClure Rice in District 11.

•Dianne Lewis to Cindy Hardee and others in District 11.

•Judith Ann Dobson to Joseph Thomas and Benford Earl Wortham to District 16.

•Margaret Sellers to Ryan Cassidy Mansfield and Kristin Leann Bates.

•James and Joyce Robinson to Angela Denise O’Neal and others in District 16.

•John Hanna Nazi to Elias H Nazi.

•Margaret E. Christerson to David L. and Betty A. Baldwin.

•J. Brent and Sarah E. Bradberry to Stephen Berryman in District 4.

•Angela Goodrum to Michael K. Riley in District 22.

•Briana Taylor Cole to Delaina B. Norval in District 16.

•The Perkins Corporation to Matthew C. and Misty D. Arid Trust in District 9.

•Paul T. (the second) and Ashley Renee Carroll to Steven L. and L. Gail West in District 4.

•Kenneth J. and Ruby F. Hillsman to Teresa Crider Lowe in District 11.

•Charles T. and Tabitha J. Ross to Michael R. and Laura J. Dean in District 7.

•Xavier K. and Katherine D. Keys to Austin and Rebekah Maxwell in District 4.

•Joe Ann Smith to Taylor Ann Fortner in District 1 & 6.

•Darlene R. Cox to Jesse Earl Miner in District 23.

•Joanna and Jo A. Roberts to Jo A. Roberts.

•Carter Heath Hollingsworth to Winifred J. Hollingsworth in District 18 & 24.

•Heather R. Moore to Stephen J. Medawar.

•William Martin to Anthony Hart in District 22.

•Ruby Powell to Marsha Wilson in District 2.

•Beth Cutts to Brandon Taylor Jr. Smith in District 6.

•Vicky Hatch and others to Hayley A. and Aaron Cody Ezell in District 11.

•Bobby Ricketts to Victor H. A. Rehm in District 16.

•Kimberly and Michael Creasy to Iona Kay and Kenneth L. Creasy to District 4.

•Phyllis E Moore Noles to Jordan Logan.

•Olivia G. Librojo to Gene Leroy and Julia D. Myers in District 7.

•Ryan Nicole Reynolds to Terry J. Leonard in District 16.

•Charles (the third) and Ingrid Shaw Boyle to Logan Jordan in District 24.

•Melissa E Ellis to Allen and Deborah Anne Ballard in District 11.

•Chadwick T. Prater and others to Randy ray and Randi Rae Griffin in District 4.

•Lucinda H. Glisson to Melanie Dawn Early in District 4.

•Kelly and Danny Moeckel to Leticia Izelo in District 21.

•TN Western Kentucky Conference to Pleasant Hill Methodist Church.

•Tony M. and Bonnie K. Haynes to Shana M. Pepper.

•Jose Luis Arellano to Samuel and Marina C. Dant Foley.

•Phyllis Melton to Shray L. and Mead K. Crawford in District 16.

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