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Property Transfers

•Thomas K. and Rhonda H. Smith to Matthew A. and Sydney W. Lane in District 4.

•Glen A. and Tina Marie Dias to Greg and Kelly K. Yearwood in District 14.

•WB4GIN, LLC to State of Tennessee.

•James E. and Mary Jo Holmes to Barsto Rental in District 11.

•Harlon H. and Vicki Ellis Miller to Amon A. Miller in District 18.

•Carol F. Becker to Donald A. Becker in District 2.

•Charles A. Skinner Jr. to David and Blanco Janeth Downing in District 6.

•Don L. and Alice J. Cook to Christopher Matthew Cook in Districts 4 and 22.

•Patrick Kenneth Houston to Patsy Hathorn Raworth in District 11.

•Kevin Hollowell to Jerry Lynn and Tonya Staggs in District 13.

•Brock & Scott, PLLC to Chris Gurley.

•Hilda Ann Jackson to Jon Paul Wheat in District 9.

•Frank Rezac Jr. and others Lindsey Rezac Crouch and others in District 12.

•Martin L. Jr. and Lisa A. Batte to RAC Medical Solutions, LLC in District 16.

•Christopher Joel and Pamela Leigh McKennie to MMT Properties, LLC in District 4.

•Martin L. Jr. and Lisa A. Batte and others to RAC Medical Solutions, LLC in District 16.

•John B. and Pamela L. Fordon to M & M Lakeside Properties, LLC in District 12.

•Paul E. and Jennifer L. Brinkman to Jasmine N. Holifield in District 11.

•Charles T. and Tabitha J. Ross to Glen A. Presley and others in District 7.

•Sudhir and Deepthi Jurup to Allan W. and Stacey W. Brown in District 7.

•Rodney L. and Paula R. Britt to Jonathan B. and Christopher Adam Kee in District 10.

•Barbara W. Knuutila and others to Candace N. Todd and others in District 11.

•Stephanie Mathis to Michael Allen Eskew in District 11.

•Donald Perkins to Richard A. and Wendy Lynn Lawson in District 6.

•Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC to Meeks Properties, LLC in District 12.

•Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC and others to Brent and Kimberly Taylor in District 7.

•Brenda Ridley Wright to R & R Farms in District 22.

•Mona Carol Rhodes to Mona Carol Rhodes in District 13.

•Robert Dean and Connie Denise Cook to Alberto and Elizabeth Ann Chavez in District 20.

•Bradley Morris Ashby to MMT Properties, LLC in District 4.

•Susan F. Keith to Larry D. Keith in District 24.

•Carl H. and Betty W. White to Steven E. and Susan Gayle Squires in District 12.

•Jennifer Marie Whitherell to Troy Franklin Heatley.

•Troy Heatley to Brian J. Cholcott.

•West Carroll Special School District to State of Tennessee.

•Jo Ann Story to Janice Newman and others in District 11.

•Hemant S. Patel to Alaa Qaadan and others.

•Marion Elaine Graham to William R. and Sarah A. Hansen in District 4.

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