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McKenzie Police Reports

Evading Arrest, Reckless Endangerment — Keesha R. Johnson, Oaklawn, McKenzie, was charged with Evading Arrest and Reckless Endangerment on December 6.

Officer Jeremiah Brooks stopped Johnson’s vehicle because he had knowledge of an active warrant for Disorderly Conduct in Weakley County. She failed to immediately stop after he initiated his blue lights. She was transported to Weakley County Jail on the original charge and will face charges in Carroll County on the new charges.

DUI — Brett W. Garland, 31, May Heights, McKenzie, was charged with DUI-First Offense after a traffic stop on December 7.

Officer Sean Beck filed the report indicating Garland phoned dispatch to report a ‘stolen’ vehicle that he was following in his car and entering McKenzie. Beck saw both vehicles enter the city limits with Garland flashing his headlights as he followed the suspect vehicle. Beck stopped the vehicle that was reported stolen. The female driver said she was just involved in a domestic argument with Mr. Garland about his use of intoxicating substances. She reported he had been drinking and using illegal drugs. The female provided proof of registration on the vehicle. 

Beck turned his attention to Mr. Garland, who did not perform well on field sobriety tests. He was arrested on the charge of DUI-First Offense.

Domestic Assault, False Imprisonment — Chaz M. Richmeier, 22,Paris Pike, McKenzie was arrested for Domestic Assault and False Imprisonment on December 9.

Officer Jeremiah Brooks reported the female victim was at at Richmeier’s house and he ordered pizza. He passed out from an intoxicant before the pizza arrived. When she attempted to wake him, he assaulted her, took away her phone and prevented her from leaving. She waited until the fell asleep around 3:30 a.m. and departed the residence and later phoned police from a different residence. Officer Davis assisted and transported Richmeier to Carroll County Jail.

Theft, Aggravated Burglary — Jaylon T. Sanders, 24, Hewlett Road, McKenzie was charged with Aggravated Burglary and Theft after an incident on the Bethel campus on December 5.

Officer Austin Jones filed the report indicating Sanders entered a dorm room and took a PlayStation and accessories. Bethel Security had video of Sanders entering the room. Sanders was read his Miranda rights and transported to jail. The report indicates he also sold some of the items and pawned other items. 

Simple Possession — Brttany N. Arrand, 29, Spruce Street, McKenzie was arrested for Possession of Schedule II Drugs, Failure to Display Vehicle Registration Plates, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia on December 5.

Officer Sean Beck stopped the Dodge Avenger driven by Arrand when he witnessed the vehicle had an illegal plate cover that covered the expiration, state of issue and county of issue. 

The report indicates the driver was nervous and did not grant permission for a search of the vehicle. 

A canine was called in and alerted on the vehicle, giving Officer Beck probable cause to search. He found a cigar box with a white powder substance that was rolled. It field tested for methamphetamine. A pipe, often used to smoke meth, was also located. She was placed under arrest.

Reckless Driving — Jeffrey Lowery, 3rd Avenue, Lebanon, Missouri, was cited for Reckless Driving on November 28.

Officer Trenton Ruddy received a call about a tractor-trailer truck that ran a pickup truck off the road and the driver the tractor-trailer did not stop. He was stopped in Trezevant and Ruddy cited the driver, Jeffrey Lowery. He is to appear in Carroll County General Sessions Court.

Driving While Revoked – Second Offense — Daniel Stark Johnsonius, 35, Cook Street, Paris, was Driving on a Revoked License – Second Offense on December 7.

Officer Cody Coleman stopped Johnsonius’s vehicle for a light law violation and learned the driver’s license was revoked and he had a prior offense for driving on the revoked status. He was arrested and placed under a $1,000 bond.

Leaving The Scene of An Accident — Beau Brown, 35, McKenzie, was cited into court for Leaving the Scene of An Accident on December 9. 

According to a report by Tanner Jackson, Brown was driving a vehicle that exited the road and struck and damaged a utility pole, however the accident was not reported at the time. The vehicle was located at a residence. He did report the accident later to MPD.

Violation of Probation — Amy Lunn Guentz, 36, Bethel Court, McKenzie, was charged for Violation of Probation after she failed to report to her probation officer and was delinquent on her fines and fees owed to the court. She was transported to Carroll County Jail.


Drug Paraphernalia, Driving Unregistered Vehicle

Two persons were charged in a single traffic stop on December 18.

Officer Trenton Ruddy cited Clinton Dale Mann, 38, Evergreen St., Dresden and Barbara Pauline Adkins, 38, McKenzie,  after a traffic stop on a Suburban with no license plate. 

When the driver, Clinton Mann stepped out of the vehicle, a marijuana pipe fell on the ground creating a probable cause search. A half-empty bottle of American Honey Bourbon was discovered in the console.

Mann was cited for Open Container, Violation of Financial Responsibility, Unregistered Vehicle and Drug Paraphernalia.

Adkins was cited for Drug Paraphernalia. Both were given 10 days to report to the Carroll Co. Jail for booking.

Driving on Suspended License

Brittany Renee Wortham, 26, Hwy. 45, Sharon was charged with Driving on a Suspended License – third offense.

Officer Tanner Jackson responded to a single vehicle crash on State Route 22. Wortham, the driver, said a deer ran in front of her car and she struck it.

A check with the MPD dispatcher, it was learned Wortham’s license was suspended. She was cited into court and her vehicle was towed to a residence on Wortham Loop, Huntingdon.


Criminal Trespass

Maurice L. Lawrence, 28, McKenzie, a homeless man, was charged with Criminal Trespass after he entered the Maverick Convenience Store on Dec. 6.

Lawrence had a court order that banned him from sister-owned Maverick and Little General stores.  Lawrence had left the store before officers arrived. When he was located, he was transported to Carroll County Jail on the charge.

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