Marriage Licenses

● Kaitlyn Elizabeth Williams, 21, of Bruceton to Thomas Brazil Wortham, 24, of Bruceton.

● John Walter Simpson Jr., 73, of McKenzie to Ruby D. Schrock, 39, of McKenzie.

● Morgan Bailee Boyd, 26, of Huntingdon to Michael Brett Gibson, 39, of Huntingdon.

● Amee Park Aultman, 39, of Bruceton to Johnny Lee Moudy Jr., 44, of Bruceton.

● Natalie Denise Jones, 22, of McKenzie to Jeffrey Edward Allen, 24, of Henry.

● Gayon Monroe Eskew, 42, of Westport to Lindsey Nichole Townze, 42, of Westport.

● Austin Roy Dean Stutts, 27, of Atwood to Athena Dawn Tate, 24, of Atwood.

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