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By russellBUSH

 Over my twenty-two years of covering Huntingdon football I have been witness to the good and bad methods that student sections take to root for the Mustangs. There have been those cheering sections full of students over the years that leave you wondering how they were raised. I have seen some student sections that it is obvious that their desire is to have the focus on them and not the game.

 The 2022 student section at Huntingdon football games, however, is among the best I have ever seen. They are entertaining and creative and I love the different themes that they have for each game. They are engaged in the game and it’s fun to listen to them as they cheer on the Mustangs Friday after Friday. Their support for the team is contagious and I enjoy their presence.

 The biggest thing I have seen about the cheering section is that they are respectful and to me that is the most important thing. You can cheer on your team and be embarrassing to your school at the same time. I have seen that over the years and it will give not  only your school a bad reputation but doesn’t reflect well on the community in which that school is placed.

 The Huntingdon students this year are just have fun and enjoying their high school experience and from what I have seen their parents should be proud because they are representing their school well and shed a good light on the town of Huntingdon. Football is just a game and it is to be enjoyed by all that watch and play and the sounds coming from the stands on Huntingdon side are like music to my ears.

 Also, last but not least, the students are having an impact on the game in my opinion. I am sure if I was on the field playing that the noise coming from the stands would inspire me to play harder and I believe this edition of the Mustangs are doing just that. If not then it is not the fault of the student section. I hope they keep up the good work and hope they also sing “Sweet Caroline” again before the season is over.

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