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As I have often written in this column and have said out loud a few times, sports is more than just a game that we all talk about the next day. Sports creates bonds and friendships that last a lifetime. I have also stated that kids will remember their teammates and the friendships more than they will remember the wins and losses.

Sports fans and former athletes create memories from their paying days, and that statement played out last week in my front yard. A young man came to the house to perform a service, and I showed him around the property. Before he was preparing to leave, I asked if he used to play sports over in Camden because he looked familiar to me.

He said yes sir he did, and that started a long conversation about games that were played over the years between Huntingdon and Camden and the connection that the two communities have, especially among the coaching ranks. This young man’s name was Christian Vick, and he has two cousins that were superb basketball players at Camden.

Christian then asked me if I remembered the 2013 game between the Lions and Mustangs? He then asked if I remember a QB running for 153 yards in the first half, and he proudly stated that it was him. It turns out he helps John Taylor, who is from Huntingdon, coach the Lions baseball team. He wasn’t boasting as we talked, but you could tell he was proud of having the privilege to play.

We continued to talk about several connections we had and the people we knew. He knows my nephew and played against the Warbritton boys from Huntingdon. I can’t remember how long we talked, but here was a 64-year-old washed-up athlete and a 20-something-year-old young man just talking about sports and having a great time remembering the good ole days. Before he left he wanted to shake my hand and said he felt he had a new friend, and I felt the same. It made me realize that we spend a lot of energy fretting over wins and losses, and the most important thing, as I stated in last week’s column, is attitude. Christian reminded me that years after the game is over, we are all just people, and the competition and friendships outweigh the wins and losses

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