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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Other Offenses

  • Michael T. Robertson 31, of Hollow Rock was placed under arrest for driving while drivers license was suspended: 3rd offense.

Deputy Coleman initiated a traffic stop; he was able to identify the driver as Michael Robertson. A check of his drivers license status revealed that it was currently suspended to indefinite. Robertson did have two priors to driving on a suspended/ cancelled driver’s license.

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Public Intoxication

  • Bradley G. Shepherd 57, of Trezevant was placed under arrest for public intoxication on September 14th.

Deputy Coleman responded to a call about a suspicious person walking through the yards in a local area. Upon the Deputy’s arrival, he spoke with the caller there was a male walking through people’s yards. The male subject left his vehicle near an intersection of Hwy 436. Deputy Coleman located the male subject, who identified as Bradley Shepherd, lying in a ditch. Shepherd had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming off himself and was very unsteady on his feet. He was paced under arrest at that time due to public intoxication.

• • •

Criminal Impersonation

  • On September 28th Jerome Johnson, 38 of Lextington was charged with criminal impersonation and was given a $1,500 bond.

Deputy Coleman received information that Jerome Johnson, an individual with an active warrant, had left the residence he was staying at. The reporting party stated Mr. Johnson would be a passenger in a white Chrysler Minivan being operated by a white female. Deputy Coleman initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, identifying the driver as Jillian Goble. Upon contact with the passenger, the deputy asked for his name. He identified himself as Clint Johnson. The deputy advised him he believed that was not his name, and that his name was Jerome Johnson. The deputy received a picture of Johnson and was able to positively identify him as Jerome Johnson. The deputy asked Johnson to step out of the vehicle and placed him under arrest. 

• • •

Domestic Assault

  • Cody A. Bradley, 32 of Huntingdon was placed under arrest for a domestic assault on September 28th.

The deputy was met at the driveway of the scene by Cody Bradley. Bradley stated him and his girlfriend, Bethany Brown, had gotten into an argument. Brown stated she woke up and Bradley took one of her cigarettes. Brown reached for it and the fight was on. She stated Bradley grabbed her around her throat, leaving marks. He had also thrown her into the ground, causing damage to her right knee and then he hit her head. He was placed under arrest in Carroll County.

• • •


  • Yadiel Gonzales, 19 of Memphis was placed under arrest for driving under the influence; first offense on September 27th.

Dispatch received a call about an intoxicated driver wrecked into a ditch off Hwy 70. Upon contact, Deputy Winberry found the vehicle at a campsite located on HWY 70. The driver was in the running vehicle, the deputy asked the driver if he had been drinking. He stated that he had six beers and was trying to leave the campsite when he ran into the ditch. The driver, identified as Yadiel Gonzales, caused damage to his front end and was very unsteady on his feet. Gonzales was unable to perform a field sobriety test, giving cause to be placed under arrest. He was transported to the hospital, where he agreed to give a blood alcohol sample. After the test, he was transported to the Carroll County Jail.

• • •


  • On September 24th, Kenneth R. Hilliard, 52 of Baton Rouge, LA was charged in Carroll County and placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

Deputies responded to a call on HWY 70 about a vehicle in a ditch. The caller stated the driver said he was okay; upon deputies’ arrival they noticed the driver was impaired. The deputies stated the driver was trying to back the vehicle out of the ditch and offered their assistance with getting the driver out of the vehicle. The driver identified as Kenneth Hilliard, was very unsteady on his feet with a very strong intoxicating smell coming form his person. Mr. Hilliard admitted to being drunk and stated he was guilty. He was then placed under arrest for a DUI, a bond was set after his mandatory eight hour stay in jail.

• • •


  • Michael A. Deal, 22 of Martin was charged on September 25th with simple possession of a schedule II: cocaine.

Deputy Coleman initiated a traffic stop on a truck for a plate violation. The deputy was able to inform the driver, identified as Michael Deal, and two other passengers of a strong odor of alcohol coming out the vehicle. Deal did not appear impaired but admitted to drinking earlier in the day. The deputy was denied consent to search the vehicle and called for K-9 to his location. K-9 Gotchi was able to positively alert on the vehicle giving the officers probable cause to search the vehicle. Deputies located 0.4 grams of methamphetamines. Mr. Deal took ownership, he was charged on scene. 

• • •

Aggravated Assault

  • William Robert Killen, 55 of Atwood was charged on September 26th for an aggravated assault and possession of handgun while under the influence during an incident on August 5th.

On September 19th, Sheriff’s department spoke with victim, Mrs. Brandon Mayberry, about an incident on August 5th. Mayberry stated she offered a customer a ride home due to the amount of drink he consumed. Her co-workers agreed to follow behind her for her safety and bring her back to her vehicle. While Mayberry drove William Killen home in his personal vehicle, she noticed he was having a hard time giving correct or accurate directions. Mayberry stated she asked Mr. Killen for her cellphone, to which he grabbed it and threw it out of the passenger window stating, “you don’t know how mean I can be.” Mr. Killen then pulled a gun from his center console, pointing it directly towards Mrs. Mayberry’s head stating once again,” you don’t know just how mean I can be!” Mayberry stated she begged him to put the gun down and there were two cops down the road. Mayberry was able to put the vehicle in park and jump into her co-worker’s vehicle. After she jumped out Mr. Killen moved into the driver seat, taking off down Hwy 220 towards his home. Killen wrecked out down the road causing damage to four different properties. The following morning THP took over the case.

• • •

Drug Violation

  • Deputy Meier arrested Brad Bristoe, 47 of Mayfield, with a simple possession of meth, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia in Carroll County.

On September 18th, Deputy Meier witnessed a red Buick SUV pull into Hucks in Huntingdon to check under their hood after the deputy pulled behind him. The deputy waited at the red light in hopes the vehicle would pull back out in time of the light, which the driver did, headed towards Jackson on Hwy 70. The deputy proceeds in the driver’s direction when the driver pulls into Tates Pentecostal Church on Tate School Rd, checking under his hood once more. Meier puled next to the driver, identified as Brad Bristoe, and offered his assistance. Meier informed the driver of the marijuana smell coming from the vehicle and asked Bristoe a few questions. Bristoe gave the deputy a rolled piece of marijuana and advised him of a black bag sitting in the passenger floorboard. Meier was able to locate drug narcotics and paraphernalia in the bag. This did occur in Carroll County.

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