Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

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Tampering with Evidence

  • Forest Reaves, 48, of 75 Wood Lane of Mckenzie was charged with Tampering or Fabricating evidence on August 8th. 

          Around 11:15 PM Deputy Cody Coleman pulled over a black Ford Mustang with registration plates coming back to a white GMC. Upon contact with the vehicle the deputy was able to identify the driver of the vehicle as Randy Anderson and the front seat passenger as Forest Reaves. Deputy Coleman decided to check their driver licenses for any active warrants and DL status while CPL Scott brought his K-9 to the scene.  Deputy Coleman asked Anderson to step out of the vehicle so that he could write a warning citation for the traffic infraction. Deputy Coleman asked Anderson if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, which Anderson replied no, he was pulled over the previous night where Carroll County Deputies searched his vehicle. During that time CPL Scott arrived with the K-9 unit and asked Anderson if they could search his vehicle, Anderson stated that they could not search his vehicle. CPL Scott then advised Anderson to stand near the patrol car as they deployed the K-9. The K-9 had a positive alert on the vehicle which gave a probable cause to search the vehicle. Anderson was then advised to remove his large dog from his vehicle and step back to the patrol unit. CPL Scott then asked Reaves to step out of the vehicle so they could perform the search. While searching the passenger side of the vehicle where Reaves was sitting a small amount of substance was located and confirmed a positive test for methamphetamines.  Anderson stated Reaves asked him to turn on Webb Road and roll his vehicle window down. Anderson stated that when Deputy Coleman was behind them and Anderson had rolled his window down Reaves threw something out of the window, and was not sure what it was. Deputy Boaz arrived on scene and CPL Scott sent him and SGT Davis to the location to see if they would have been able to locate what was thrown out of the window. Two small bags which tested positive for methamphetamines, when CPL Scott asked Reaves if he had thrown any substances out of the window, Reaves advised Deputies that Anderson told him to do so. Reaves was then placed under arrest and charged with simple Possession and tampering with evidence.

• • •

Possession, Assault

  • Joseph Walters, 31, of 980 HWY 436 of Trezevant was arrested for domestic assault, violation of protection order, and possession of Schedule II substance. Bond was set at $100,000 by circuit court Judge Parrish on August 5th.

     Around 9:40 PM, Carroll County Dispatch received a call that a domestic dispute was occurring at a residence on HWY 436. Deputy Chance Townes arrived at the address and spoke with the victim Georgia Gobbell, 33, of 980 Hwy 436 of Treazevant, who advised Deputy Townes that Joseph Walters had ripped doors off hinges and threw his bongs at her. Gobbell stated that the dispute had started over a text message that she had previously seen on Walters phone. Gobbell advised Deputy Townes that Walters had made threats to her that he was going to kill her before the cops would even show up, Gobbell admitted to being very afraid of Walters and feared for her safety. Deputies were unable to locate Walters on the property and advised Ms. Gobbell that they would issue a warrant for his arrest. The following morning on August 6th at 7 am, Carroll County Deputies were able to locate Mr. Walters at the same residence the dispute was reported at, which allowed the deputies to make an arrest for a Domestic Assault. Mr. Walters did sign the Order Granting Bail before being released from the Carroll County Jail. On August 7th, dispatch received a from Georgia Gobbell stating that her fiance Mr. Walters was back on the property. Gobbel stated that Mr. Walters continued to “cuss at her” and made a statement that “she would be dead before this was over.” Gobbell advised deputies that she is very afraid and scared of Mr. Walters. Mr. Walters was arrested once more and carried to the Carroll County Jail by a Carroll County Deputy.

• • •

Domestic Assault

  • Cornelius M. Tuggles, 44, of 125 Beauty St, of Bradford was charged for domestic assault on August 5th.

     Deputy Dakota Meier responded to a call around 10:21 at Little General in Trezevant. The victim Haley Baugh stated that she had stopped at Little General to fill up with gas. Ms. Baugh stated that she heard Cornelius Tuggles’ vehicle pull into the gas station, she attempted to fill her vehicle up with gas when Tuggles was screaming obscene statements towards her while cursing her in front of everyone at the store. Ms. Baugh’s states that when Mr. Tuggles began to walk towards her vehicle and she attempted to hang her pump up and return to her vehicle. Ms. Baughs was stopped from getting into her vehicle by Mr. Tuggles who grabbed her door with his left hand and punched her in the throat with his right, while cursing at her still. Ms. Baugh states that out of fear she puts the vehicle into drive, trying to get Tuggles out of her vehicle, which did not work. She then switched gears to reverse, allowing the vehicle’s open door to open further causing it to hit the cement barrier to the gas pump. Tuggles was still in the victim’s vehicle when he put his hands on her chest and throat, while continuously yelling obscene things towards her. Deputy Meier states the defendant was no longer at the gas station once he arrived on scene. The following day, Tuggles was arrested and charged around 4 o’clock that day with domestic assault.

• • •

    Drug Violation

  • Dora Ewald, 56, of 13480 Paris St, of Huntingdon was charged with Schedule II Substances and drug paraphernalia.

     On August 8th, Deputy Chance Townes initiated a traffic stop on a Ford Focus for not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign at an intersection located in Carroll County. Once the Vehicle came to a stop, Deputy Townes noticed the driver of the vehicle walking back towards the vehicle from behind a shed at a residential property. Deputy Chance identifies the driver of the vehicle as Dora Ewald, DeputyTownes searched behind the shed when he located Ms. Ewalds purse, which he had watched her walk out from behind the shed. Deputy Townes searched the purse, and as it just so happens that all the items Ms. Ewald stated were not hers’, were drug paraphernalias and 3.6 grams of methamphetamines. All items did test positive for meth.

• • •


  • Paul David Bishop, 58, of Big Sandy was arrested for violation of order of protection.

     On August 8th, Deputy Steven Scott stopped a vehicle for failure to maintain a lane. The driver identified as Paul Bishop admitted to having one beer and was asked to perform a SFSTs. Bishop stated that his girlfriend Louetta Cloys could drive his vehicle, Cloys agree to drive and gets in with Mr. Bishop. Bishops drivers license came back and showed an order of protection in effect with Ms. Cloys being the protected person. Bishop admits he did know that they were not supposed to be together. Mr. Bishop states that earlier he had picked a bed up from Cloy’s house and that she was just helping him out. This did occur in Carroll County.

• • •

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