Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports


    • Phillip Crider, 59, of Huntingdon reported that someone had taken his motorcycle without his permission.

     On August 17, Phillip Crider called the sheriff’s department and reported that someone had taken his motorcycle without his permission. The motorcycle was at a shop off of Purdy Road in Huntingdon, the last time he had seen his motorcycle was around June of this year. The motorcycle is a 125 Traxx on and off road, late nineties model being white in color with green stripes and a green seat. This case is still an open investigation.

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 Theft, Fraud

    • August 11th, William R. Ober, 71, of Cedar Grove was a victim of credit card fraud in the Carroll County area coming out of Memphis, Tn.

     Deputy Frank McGee took a report concerning a debit/credit card number the victim of Mr. Wiliam Ober which had been used on multiple occasions. The total being reported at the time of the report was approximately $500.00.

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Drug, Narcotic Violation

    • James C. Capps, 36, of Atwood was arrested on a drug, narcotic violation on August 15th.

      Deputy Chance Townes initiated a traffic stop on a white Ford Edge for window tint. Once Deputy Townes made contact with the driver who identified as James Capps, he was asked to come back to the patrol unit so Deputy Townes could write a warning ticket. Once at the patrol unit Deputy Townes stated that Mr. Capps had laid his arms on the hood and hung his head as if he knew he was in trouble. The deputy asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle and Mr. Capps stated no there was not, so the deputy asked to search the vehicle when Mr. Capps proceeded to tell him it was not his vehicle. The vehicle belonged to the passenger Elisha Gilford, the deputy thought it was odd for Mr. Capps to be the driver and not the owner of the vehicle when him and Ms. Gilford have been together for several years and have at least one child to the deputy’s knowledge.  Deputy Townes noticed in conversation with Ms. Gilford that she would move off topic and deflect when questions were asked and bring up her children even.  When Deputy Townes asked to search the vehicle, Ms. Gilford advised he could, though she had to get to her children who have covid. Deputy Townes searched the vehicle and located 0.7 grams of methamphetamines on the driver’s side. Capps advised Deputy Townes that they would be his, he was then transported by Deputy Townes to the Carroll County Jail and given a bond of $2500.00 for possession of  schedule II Meth.

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Drug, Narcotic Violation

    • Darren Wayne Plunk, 35, of Hollist Ave in Sharon was arrested on a drug/narcotic violation and charged with sch II meth.

    • James Wison Tefteller. 41, of Byrd St. in Dresden was arrested on a drug/narcotic violation and charged with sch II cocaine, sch II meth, and drug paraphernalias.

On August 16th, Deputy Chance Townes initiated a traffic stop on a maroon van for failure to maintain a lane and registration plate light violations. The driver identified as Darren Plunk was advised to step out of the vehicle so the deputy could write a warning ticket. The deputy noticed that once Plunk was out of the vehicle he seemed to be sweating a lot more than usual and would stand away from him as if he did not want the deputy to get too close to him. Deputy Townes stated that Plunk would change the subject when the deputy asked him questions. Plunk was advised that there was suspicion of narcotics in the vehicle or on Plunks body, and the deputy advised he was going to search the vehicle. Deputy townes stated that Mr. Plunk seemed irritated and denied the deputy consent to search the vehicle, the deputy made a call. The deputy called for K-9 via cellphone, advising plunk and passenger James Tefteller that K-9 was dispatched to the location. The K-9 alerted on the passenger side of the vehicle where Tefteller was sitting.  A black bag was located with glass pipes used for narcotics and another bag with 0.3 grams of cocaine. In the passenger side door panel another small bag was located with 2.5 grams of meth, both occupants of the vehicle were then detained. Deputy Cody Walker was able to locate on Plunks personal watch 0.7 grams of meth. Tefteller Claimed the cocaine, meth, and glass pipes that were located in the vehicle.

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