Carroll County Sheriff’s Department

Multiple Arrests

Amber Maire Hightower, 39, of Camden was charged with drug/ narcotic violations, possession of meth and an accessory after the fact.

Charles Adrian Robbins, 31, of Camden had out standing felony warrants out of Benton County. He was arrested for criminal impersonation and possession of meth.

On 02/04/23, Deputy Scott initiated a traffic stop due to plate violations. The driver, Amber Hightower. Appeared nervous, when asked she stated there was nothing illegal in the vehicle. Consent to search was denied, K-9 Gotchi was deployed and alerted positive on the vehicle. Officers located one gram of meth and a male subject located in the trunk. The male gave officers a fake name, he was later identified as Charles Robbins. As Robbins exited the trunk, 6.2 grams of meth fell onto the ground by the vehicle. Hightower had intent to conceal and hinder the arrest of Robbins by concealing him in the trunk. This did occur in Carroll County.


Rickey Watkins, 43, of Huntingdon was arrested for DUI #2 and implied consent law.

On 02/04/23, a car accident was reported on Thompson School Rd., caller stated the driver was passed out behind the wheel in a ditch. Officers arrived shortly on scene and located the one vehicle accident in the ditch. After several attempts to wake the driver, the officers manage to turn the vehicle off and wake the driver. The driver, Rickey Watkins, comes to speaking with slurred speech stating he was not under the influence. Watkins refused to conduct any field sobriety test.


Gregory Lynn Staten, 48, of Clarksburg was charged with stalking.

The defendant Gregory Staten for the last two years has continuously been contacting victim. Staten has caused several problems, kicked several doors in to enter her home, as well as harassing her friends, family and co-workers. The victim states she has been living in total lockdown, warning guest about Staten before they arrive on the property. She is not able to be outside with her grandchildren due to the fear of their lives. Staten has a previous charge connected to the victim, vandalism and assault. Staten has been charged with aggravated stalking; bond is set at $150,000.


On 02/05/23, a report was filed at 8:52 pm in reference to a strange vehicle next to 22 Auto. An officer arrived on scene within two minutes, locating a white Chevy Malibu with no tags. 22 Auto called the following day around lunch stating their cameras caught two individuals on camera vandalizing and causing damage to several vehicles on the lot. 22 Auto does own the white Chevy Malibu, this is all the information at this time.

Drug Paraphernalia

Johnny M. Burrow, 53, of Atwood was arrested for possession of schedule VI marijuana, schedule II meth, and resisting arrest. Burrow was cited for failing to complete a stop.

On 02/07/23, Deputy Scott attempted to stop a vehicle for missing a stop sign. After following with blue lights for a mile, the driver pulls over into a driveway and heads towards the front door. After several attempts of officers trying to stop the driver, Deputy Scott deployed his taser. Officers found the driver, Johnny Borrow, in possession of a glass bong, 0.5 grams of marijuana and a gram of meth.

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