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Carroll County Sheriff Department Reports


On Nov. 26, Dispatch received a call from Jermey Gooch, TWRA employed. Gooch wanted to file a report for theft and vandalism on the Boyd Landing property. When Gooch arrive to the office building, he noticed the doors and vending machine had damage to them, suspecting a break in. A Husqvarna 555 Chainsaw was missing. The second building on the property had the locks broken off the side doors.

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Domestic Assault

Andrew Arnold Tosh, 35, of Clarksburg was arrested and charged with his fifth offense of Domestic Assault.

     On Nov. 26, Dispatch received a call from victim, Kathy Tosh, who stated she was in fear for her life. An officer met her at City Hall of Clarksburg, where she drove to get away from the defendant, Andrew Tosh. The victim advised the officers that Mr. Tosh was combative breaking things when she returned home from work. Things started to escalate when she heard a loud noise come from inside the home, causing her to fear for her life. She had then drove to City Hall to call 911. Officers arrived on scene and were able to locate Mr. Tosh on a couch in the living room surrounded by glass from a lamp Mr. Tosh had thrown.

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