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Carroll County General Sessions Report

HUNTINGDON (November 30) — The following cases were heard in Carroll County General Sessions Court on November 30.

Cases bound over to the Grand Jury of the Carroll County Circuit Court were:

Juan Canales, Hopewell Road, Lavinia, bound over on Schedule VI Drugs – Manufacturing, Delivery, Sell, or Possess; Evading Arrest, Reckless Endangerment with a Vehicle, Driving Without License, Speeding, Resist Stop or Arrest.

Anthony Paul Lashlee, Beech Acres Dr., Holladay, bound over on charge of Tampering with Evidence, Assault of a First Responder, Simple Possession/Casual Exchange; Resisting Arrest, Stop; Disorderly Conduct.

Ronald Alton Patton, Bald Knob Road, Holladay, bound over on charge of False Report to Officer.

Johnnie H. Taylor, Fabric Road, Dickson, bound over on charge of Public Intoxication.

The following cases resulted in a guilty plea or finding.

Katie Bedford, Jamison Court, Huntingdon, guilty, Child Abuse/Neglect, 11/29 jail sentence suspected to time served; eligible for expungement with successful completion of probation. Dismissed charge of Simple Possession.

Andrea Denise Cresse, Paris Street, Huntingdon, guilty, Allowing Dogs to Run at Large, six months supervised probation or until paid in full, must surrender dogs; dismissed charges of Failure to Appear.

Dawson Gregory Finch, Sundown Drive, Jackson, guilty, Indecent Exposure, $50 fine, six months jail, reduced to time served, supervised probation for six months; dismissed Scheduled VI drug charges.

Bryan M. Gearin, Tennessee Street, McKenzie, guilty, Evading Arrest-Vehicle, 11/29 to serve, suspended; not to drive for one year; dismissed charges of Driver Failed to Exercise Due Care; dismissed,  Failure to Stop at All Stop Signs.

Stacey Hart, Main Street, Trezevant, guilty, School Entrance/Attendance/Withdrawal, 30 days jail sentence, suspended to 10 days; unsupervised probation for 20 days.

Micah Leite, Maple Street, Huntingdon, guilty, Meth-Possession or Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 11/29 jail suspended except 60 days; dismissed, Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia.

Marty A. Lyles, Walnut Circle, McKenzie, guilty, Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 11/29 to serve, suspended except 14 days; supervised probation for six months; dismissed charge of Simple Possession-Casual Exchange.

Westley Dale White, St. Johns Church, McKenzie, guilty, Probation Violation, 10 days sentence.

The following cases were dismissed.

April Lynn Gocal, Park Cove, McKenzie, dismissed, Domestic Assault.

Nakisha A. Milton, Johnson Street, Trezevant, dismissed, Theft of Property.

Virginia Ann Sleeth, Hoffman Street, Huntingdon, dismissed, Theft of Merchandise.

The following cases was adjudicated through pre-trial diversion.

Brenda Ann Williams, Cedar Street, Bruceton, pre-trial diversion, Theft of Services, no order of restitution, six months diversion.

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