Carroll County General Sessions Court

The following cases were heard in Carroll County General Sessions Court on December 14.

Bound over to the Grand Jury of the Carroll County Circuit Court were the following cases.

Dustin Timothy Bell, Fields Road, Bruceton, bound over on charge of DUI-First Offense; dismissed charge of Implied Consent.

Hunter Shane White, Cole Circle, Hollow Rock, bound over on charges of Possession of Weapon by Convicted Felon; dismissed charge of Disorderly Conduct.

The following cases resulted in a guilty plea or finding.

Haley Nicole Baugh, Main Street, Trezevant; guilty, Assault-Bodily Injury, 11/29 jail,  suspended all except 48 hours, restitution of $150, supervised probation.

Stephen M. Coste, II, Buena Vista, guilty, DUI-First Offense, 11/29 jail, suspended to 48 hours, DUI school, not to drive for one year; dismissed, Speeding, Driving Without License.

Alisha Marie Evans, Marquette Avenue, Camden, guilty, Driving While License Canceled, guilty, Violation of Financial Responsibility; dismissed, Speeding. $250 fine, jail sentence suspended, supervised probation until costs are paid.

Bree Hoffmeyer, Broad Street, Dresden, guilty, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, $150 fine, 11/29 Jail, can receive day-for-day credit upon successful completion of rehab.

Tony R. Horner, Elm Street, Dyer, guilty, Failure to Appear, Probation Violation, six months jail sentence suspended except 15 days, supervised probation; 15 days jail for Probation Violation; dismissed, Failure to Appear.

Derrick A. Howard, Jr., Haynes Street, Trezevant, guilty, Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, $150 fine, 11/29 jail suspended, supervised probation until fees are paid; dismissed, Violation of Muffler Law; dismissed, Violation of Financial Responsibility.

Johnathan Hughes, Strayleaf Road, Wildersville, guilty, Probation Violation, 10 days jail, extend probation for 10 months.

Maurice Lawrence, homeless, McKenzie, guilty, Criminal Trespass, 30 days jail.

Keisha Dawn Leiyhue, Fairlane Dr., Greenfield, guilty, Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, 11/29 jail sentence suspended except 10 days; 11/19 supervised probation, alcohol and drug evaluation to be completed.

Natalie M. Love, Highway 641, Holladay, guilty, Failure to Appear, 11/29 Jail, suspended, supervised probation, credit for time served in rehab; guilty, Probation Violation , 10 days jail. 

Melissa Anne Moore, Sydnor Road, McKenzie, guilty, DUI-First Offense, $350 fine, 11/29 jail, suspended except 48 hours, not to drive for one year, DUI school; dismissed charge of Failure to Exercise Due Care.

Dustin L. Parker, Walnut Circle, McKenzie guilty, Theft, 11/29 jail suspended, supervised probation until all costs are paid, no contact with victim, restitution of $661.50.

Pappas D. Pearson, 6th Avenue, Huntingdon, guilty, Probation Violation, 30 days jail, probation extended for six months.

Michael Allen Pierce, Waynesboro, guilty, Drivers License to be Carried and Exhibited, $10 fine, 30 days supervised probation.

Jarrid Sterling, Adell Street, Hollow Rock, guilty, Theft-Attempt, six months sentence-suspended, six months supervised probation. 

Keanthony Weatherford, McClure Street, McKenzie, guilty, Driving While Revoked, 6 months jail, suspended to time served; supervised probation; guilty, Violation of Financial Responsibility, $100 fine; dismissed; Speeding.

James Isaac Winsett, Clay Farm Road, Atwood, guilty, Driving While Revoked Due to DUI Conviction, 180 jail, suspended except for 48 hours, 178 days of supervised probation; dismissed, Violation of Financial Responsibility.

Brittany Renee Wortham, Highway 45, Sharon, guilty, Driving While Suspended, 30 days jail, supervised probation of 30 days, unsupervised probation.

The following cases were dismissed.

Lindsey Grissom, Field School Road, McKenzie, dismissed, Custodial Interference Returned Voluntarily.

Bree Hoffmeyer, Broad Street, Dresden, dismissed, Schedule II Drugs – Manufacture, Deliver, Sell, or Possess.

Joseph Johnson, Clark Street, Huntingdon, dismissed, Criminal Trespass, Failure to Appear.

The following cases were adjudicated through pre-trial diversion.

Linda Buchanan, West Street, Gleason, pre-trial diversion, Worthless Check, $1000 fine, 6 months to serve, jail sentence suspended.

Beatrice Danielle King, Hebron Church Road, Bruceton, pre-trial diversion, Theft of Merchandise, $18.98 restitution to Wal-Mart, no contact with store.

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