Bittersweet memories

By russellBUSH

 A year ago, as I typed this column I had just finished watching six state championship games in Chattanooga. This year I didn’t have that privilege as Huntingdon had two basketball games over the weekend and I had planned on being out of town had it not been for sickness at the house and we had to cancel a trip to Texas.

 The memories of last year are still fresh in my mind and if anyone every decides to make the trip to the ship to watch title games then I suggest you put it on your sports bucket list. Although I didn’t get to make the trip I did sit down and watch the state Class 1-A title game as McKenzie defeated Clay County for their first ever state title in football and the third for Carroll County. First of all, congrats to the Rebels as I have experienced that feeling they have right now and it doesn’t get much better.

 Saturday I again pulled up the old laptop and watched Riverside, the school that knocked out the Mustangs in the semi-finals, loss 26-24 to Tyner and of course I had the emotions running through my mind that many Mustangs fans probably had and that was a feeling of that could have been us and we might have had a good chance of winning a state championship had we not lost to the Panthers.

 Truth is we can’t think that way and as a fan I need to start thinking about next football season and the time to start the grind and the hopes of making it to the ship all over again. To have the memories of being there at a title game are special and it is also bittersweet at the same time. It’s a great feeling just to be there and to win as McKenzie did makes it a memory that will last forever.

 I truly believe the Mustangs are poised to make it to the ship a couple of times in the next few years and I am sure that it will special as if it never happened in the first place if Huntingdon makes it there again. For more of my ramblings, check out The Beating Around the Bush Podcast available on Apple, Spotify and other places you find your podcast.

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