Between a rock and a hard place

There have been a few times in the last couple of years in which I have written about and discussed the issue of officiating in this column and on my podcast. It’s also an issue among fans at every game and I have over the years been torn between why the issue of officiating is even discussed.
It’s common knowledge that there is a shortage of officials, and many cite the reason is that fans are unruly, and fans will argue back that officials are terrible and that’s the reason for their angst. I have mentioned on many occasions that the issue of officiating is a concern for both reasons that were just previously mentioned.
I watched last week as a fan was escorted out of the arena and it was midway through the first quarter. Was the fan vocal and the answer was yes. Was the fan out of line? Apparently, the officials thought so, because they had a conference and asked that the fan be removed.
While maybe the fan was out of line for being too vocal of the evidently tender ears of the officials, the real question is did they deserve what they considered abuse. To be honest and make the proper assessment of the entire incident, a person needed to be there.
I will be the first to admit that sometimes the actions of fans are hard for an official to hear and by the same token, the officials need to be as thick skinned as possible. Fans do not always understand the rules and the lack of knowledge is a problem.
At the game I mentioned I was also standing beside two high school coaches, whom had no horse in the race, and they were questioning several calls. I understand their complaining about officials while their team is playing because it is a part of how the game is played.
When coaches are complaining in the manner, I witnessed the other night then Houston we have a problem. Who was right, the fans or the officials in the game mentioned. After watching the game and always trying to see both sides, I would side with the fans on this one.

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