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It’s good to see Ron Park back with his “Ravings” on a weekly basis. His comments in “Media Divided” were timely, informative and true. Was it my youth, lack of knowledge or lack of interest? Whatever the reason, it never occurred to me to doubt or question what the anchors of the evening news on ABC, CBS or NBC reported back in the ’60’s. Perhaps we should have! Today I find myself doubting and questioning all “news” I hear from any source. As Ron stated, there was a time with the creation of FOX News that there was another point of view or slant on current events, but today they have joined the others and offer more opinion and less fact. Recently I was challenged on FaceBook to get my news from a source other than FOX News. I haven’t watched FOX News over the past year or so. Truth is, it’s getting more difficult to find honest-to-goodness news without commentary. It is disturbing that millions rely on FaceBook as though it was the absolute fact-based news source, which of course it isn’t. One must be diligent to find the facts. Jack Webb as Joe Friday from the old television series “Dragnet” was famous for saying “the facts ma’am, just the facts.” Oh how I long for a news source that gives me the facts, just the facts with no added commentary. I feel I am quite capable of hearing facts and forming my own opinion. Though many would challenge my opinion, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Ron states “most people seem pretty entrenched in their views, and, more often than not, they’re going to gravitate toward media sources that make them feel like they’re right or correct.” I agree with him, however, that just further proves the real loser in all of this is the TRUTH. How do we get to the truth? Congresswoman Sara Jacobs on CNN (2/14/2021) in an interview with Brian Stelter, speaking of the events on Jan 6th, “warns of similar events” happening again if “far right and social media companies” weren’t reigned in.  She is calling for a “Truth Commission” to ensure Americans believe a “Common Narrative.” One question I have is exactly who will do the reigning in? To that proposal I say this, “Thanks but no thanks!” This is the first step in limiting or controlling our freedom of speech. For the record, I am not a fan of CNN, but I had seen this mentioned on FaceBook and checked to verify it’s accuracy.

It is easy to become disillusioned and feel hopeless, yet we must remember what Edmund Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It’s time Americans stand up, speak out, and demand honest fact-based reporting, so that we know what is taking place. We must make sure those elected to public office give us facts and not a lot of language that is so distorted one cannot possibly know what is actually being said. We must pay attention to what is going on around us and be diligent in our effort to find and support the truth. We must hold those who report responsible and demand truth from them. To do this we HAVE to take action and be responsible, instead of just talking about it and continuing to let it go. How will they know we aren’t happy? Contact their sponsors, let them know your feelings, then quit buying whatever they are selling. Money talks. Call or write that elected official and tell him or her what you think about that bill they are trying to slip through. As far as the media’s reporting, it is interesting to listen for those adjectives they use to influence us to get us to see things as they see it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not even aware of it and it never occurs to them to question what they just heard. Simply because I am so lazy, I end up with ABC World News on because it is sandwiched between Channel 7’s five and six o’clock news. It is amazing the choice of words and phrases they use that can easily sway the listener one way or the other. Try it sometime, listen objectively to their words. Rachel Scott, the congressional correspondent with ABC News, while reporting on the impeachment events, took time to describe the expressions on some of the Republican faces, some had their eyes closed, some were staring blankly while some were scribbling and drawing. Is this news, fact or true? No it was her “opinion.” How did she know what they were thinking, how much attention they were paying or what they were “scribbling?” Yet she managed to paint an unfavorable picture of them simply by using her words. This happens with anchors, journalists, reporters, correspondents, or whatever they call themselves, from all media on both sides of the party line, leaving us scratching our heads and wondering how do we get the facts, just the facts? Once more TRUTH is the real loser.

Another prime example took place Wed 2/17/2021 when Rush Limbaugh died. Some loved him, some hated him. It does not matter which side of that fence you are on, the man was instrumental in changing the way Americans received information that shaped their thinking. He was the voice of many conservatives. He outraged those of the other side. Either way, his name is legacy. John Karl, again with ABC, had clips of some of the most derogatory things ever associated with Rush Limbaugh during his segment on Rush’s death. In my opinion, the public would have been better served if he had simply reported what a change Rush Limbaugh brought to the media and left it at that, without (in my opinion) the condescending tone and smirk on his face. To me at least, he made it clear that he held Rush Limbaugh in contempt, without focusing on the lasting change he had on the media.

In closing I will state for the record: I am a Christian, conservative, Republican. I voted for Donald Trump for president in spite of not liking a lot of things about him as a man. His mouth (like mine) is his worst enemy, but I feel he did a lot of positive things for our country. And I, along with millions, felt he was the best man for the job. I agree with more of the conservative ideas. Though I try not discuss politics in general, because I’ve learned how it can forever alienate people, I will defend what the Bible says. I feel in not doing so, I am denying Christ. Someone once said about me, “You never have to wonder what Eileen is thinking. Hang around a minute and she will tell you.” That person knew me. I’m thankful we live in a country where we are still free to write or say what we feel without fear. Also I’m thankful the Carroll Leader allows me to sound off from time, and I am sure they will welcome your comments and views.

God Bless America!

Ron, I’m looking forward to your next “Raving!” Keep up the excellent work. Never be afraid to speak the truth.

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