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The start of lifting visitation restrictions at nursing homes worth a try for now

One good thing that has begun to happen as COVID-19 numbers have decreased over the last few weeks is the fact that nursing home visitation restrictions have begun to bd lifted. This is a great thing for the resident and family members.

My mother was in the nursing home for four years and I can’t think what misery I would have gone through, let alone her, if I couldn’t have visited her which I did every day.

Residents and families have suffered during the past year.

It was March of last year when the restrictions were tightened to the point that only viewing through a window was allowed of a loved one in a facility. Of course back then were very scary times. COVID cases was raging and there were so many deaths, especially among the elderly.

Gov. Bill Lee announced on Feb. 24 that he was lifting all state-specific restrictions on visitation at nursing homes and long care facilities.

 I have talked to persons who have family members in these facilities who speak of the psychological effect it has had on them and the loved one in the facility. However, they say they want their family member kept safe.

It’s one of those situations that’s a two-edged sword.

Some of the residents don’t understand why they have no visitors. It’s especially heart-wrenching on them. But at the same time safety concerns have to be considered. Of course, if cases begin to escalate, some restrictions must follow.

Residents are anxious for car rides and family get-togethers outside the facility.

As of Monday, Huntingdon Health & Rehab administrator Allison Maxey said the facility was only allowing outdoor visitation between a resident and family members.

However, she felt that changes would be coming soon as she had been talking to the corporate office about the matter.

Christian Care Center of McKenzie administrator Wendy Melton said restrictions have been lifted to the point that two visitors per resident in the room are being allowed from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. However, six feet social distancing and mask wearing are a must.

“It is certain to improve the quality of life for the resident,” she said. “It’s scary, but exciting.”

Life Care of Bruceton administrator Dareth Davis said families are being allowed inside to visit in designated areas.

Families are being asked to call and set up a time and have designated persons to visit.

Hopefully, the situation will soon ease to the point that residents and families can have normal visitations again.

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