Property Transfers

•Kenneth C. Paschall and others to Rooney W. and Elizabeth R. Griffin in District 22.

•Christopher J. Randle to Kevin W. and Stephanie G. Delaney in District 7.

•Ronnie W. and Stacy S. Burke to Matthew K. and Michelle D. Martin in District 11.

•William D. and Rachel White to Kevin W. and Erin B. Williams in District 11.

•Timothy and Linda Simons to Matt and Celedonio Amaral Jones.

•City of McKenzie to McKenzie Industrial Development Board in District 4.

•R & R Farms to McKenzie Industrial Development Board in District 9.

•Erin B. and Kevin W. Williams to Robert Corey Renfroe in District 11.

•Darren Parrish to Jose Becerra Hernandez in District 22.

•Ronald Scott Kozak to Ronald Scott and Cynthia Ann Kozak in District 16.

•Integrative Health Centers Property Company, LLC to MMT Properties, LLC in District 4.

•Mark and Patricia Dillahunty to Johnathan Adam and Hillary B. Parish in District 12.

•Joshua Pierce to Alicia Pierce in District 2.

•Ensley Dirtwork & Investment Properties, LLC and others to Clayton Barry and Patricia W. Glenn in District 7.

•Stella Slates to State of Tennessee.

•Gloria J. Glover to State of Tennessee.

•Sadie H. Borntrager to Sadie H. Borntrager and others in District 16.

•Sadie H. Borntrager and others to Harvey R. and Katie D. Borntrager in District 16.

•Sadie H. and Katie D. Borntrager to Harvey R. and Katie D. Borntrager in District 16.

•Randall and Gisela C. Hodges to Madelynn Ross Fincher in District 11.

•Raymond Edward Hopper and others to Daniel Matthew and Brittney Rachel Kelly.

•Joe W. Milam to Charles C. and Jeannie M. Francisco in District 11.

•Mark and Patricia Dillahunty to Michael Eugene and Katrina Marie Jenkins in District 12.

•Susana Reynolds to Susana Reynolds in District 23.

•Douglas K. and Helen Swaggerty to Shoaf Investment Partnership in Districts 2 and 19.

•Corrie and Flora Taylor to State of Tennessee.

•Ricky and Cindy Haddock to Gordon Ashby.

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