Property Transfers

•Philip E. Brooks to Michael S. Brooks.

•Donna J. and Benjamin J. Kelly to John F. Ulen III Revocable Trust in District 6.

•Leslie Michael and Allison Jasper to Anna Marie Martino and others in District 4.

•Billy Joe Jr. and Carol F. King to Leslie Michael and Allison Jasper in District 4.

•Robert B. and Paula May Cox to Michael Angelo and Sharon Lynn Desantis in District 6.

•Joel and Kelly Allen to Dennis Leroy Beasley in District 22.

•Peggy J. Crawford Revocable Trust to John Christopher Boaz in District 22.

•John S. and Phyllis A. Hawkins to John S. Hawkins in District 4.

•John S. and Phyllis A. Hawkins to John S. Hawkins in District 9.

•Berry and Wilma Baker Zeigler to Berry Kent Zeigler and Wilma Baker.

•Marilyn R. Olson to Brent Austin Pritchard in District 11.

•Larenda Bradfield Scarbrough and others to Kent and Wendy Durham in District 4.

•Simmons First Mortgage Company to Steven and Micki  Cunningham.

•Austin J. McKinney and others to Phillip R. and Martha J. McKinney.

•Brent D. and Nancy R. Eubank to Michael K. and Brittany A. Butler in District 11.

•Billy W. and Judy A. Volner to Dana Volner.

•Scotty E. Stanford to Chris L. Price in District 2.

•Randall Earl and Janean Meggs to Timothy T. and Kristy Jo Meggs.

•Leathers Family Revocable Trust to Thomas L. and Kathleen G. Powers in District 11.

•Mark Dillahunty to David Andrew Sikut in District 12.

•Bobby L. Moore to Malissa L. and Mark Anderson in District 4.

•Kethan B. Miller to Holly A. Miller.

•Mark Dillahunty to Lucas Neil and Erin Booker Owen in District 12.

•Roger D. and Judy A. Criner to Miguel Burgos Garcia in District 4.

•Kathy Jo Martin to Dennis A. Deveckx and others in District 11.

•Ruby Nell Lee to Patricia Elaine Luther in District 22.

•Charlotte Belew to Thomas Allen Belew in District 11.

•The Dexter Group Trust to Arendt Powell Holding LLC.

•Kathryn S. Wilson to Robert A. Jr. and Dawn M. Leblanc.

•Lucian Kee Jr. to Christopher Finley in District 16.

•Christopher C. Lutz and others to Ashlee M. Young in District 11.

•William Allen Jr. and Jennifer A. Espey and others William Robert Robinson in District 21.

•Goerge Daniel and Brenda McCormick and others to State of Tennessee.

•Nicolas Burns and Pamela Jane Appleton to State of Tennessee.

•Larry Lewis to Jimmy Cannon in District 11.

•Dennis Noel to Phillip Boyd and Rebecca Jean Bradley.

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