Property Transfers

Harvey R. and Katie D. Borntrager to Ivan and Mattie Borntrager in District 16.

Brian Allen and Jennifer Leigh Grice to Todd and Susan B. Saville in District 13.

Kenneth E. Foster to Jacob Caine Smith and other in District 22.

Alonzo and Jasmin Powel to Joshua and Caitlyn Edge in District 4.

Delinda Ruth Tankersley to Deborah Kyle Armstrong.

Patsy and Grant Willis to Stacy Lynn Davis and others in District 16.

PennyMac Loan Services to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Salvation Properties, LLC to Harry and Veronica Bradley in District 5.

Sherri Anne Sedgebear to Henry R and Linda R Rozycki in District 4.

The Hartz Family Irrevocable Trust to Ryan Bonar in District 9.

Rebecca and Timothy Cathey to Geoffry and Ellen Lohsl in District 6.

Edwin and Patricia Ann Hull to Carmen J. Stuckey and others in District 16.

W.O Jr and Reta C. Bright to Ricky W. and Stacey D. Hoing in District 9.

Melissa Moore to Larry Ray Moore in District 3.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Brandon Bott.

Brandon Bott to Brandon and Shannon Bott.

Brenda Spain and others to Charles Lee and Jennifer Johnson in District 6.

Teresa Burnie to Audrea R. Milam in District 19.

Freddie L. and Jessy L. McDaniel to Andrew Doster in District 9.

Tracy and Sandy Savage to Annette Leona Hasalone and Jon Emer Lindquist in District 3.

Randy and Audrey Dean to Joshua A. Cawthon and others in District 6.

Samuel W. Coleman and others to Samuel W. and Peggie L. Coleman in District 19.

Robert Aaron Cushman to Kristy Leigh Renzi and Kristy Cushman.

Joseph and Lisa Church Fortner to James and Betty Webb in District 22.

Jimmy D. McClure to Jimmy D. McClure in District 13.

Glenn Ray McClure and others to Jimmy D. and Barbara A. McClure in District 13.

 Rodney D. Williams to Todd Joseph Pavol in District 4.

Lois Brazie to Alan and Amanda Ninness in District 4.

Melba J. Roberts to Gerald Lee Luther in District 10.

Daniel and Michele Cole to Mike M. and Carrie A. Stahl in District 17.

Vernon and Ruthie Stem to Melody Rauber.

Randall and Gisela Hodges to Michael J. Calkins in District 11.

Harold D. Barger and others to David B. and Susan A. McMillan in District 6.

Andrew W. and Melanie F. Stokes to Lucy Ann Christian in District 12.

Harold A. Crumby II to Harold A. Crumby II in District 6.

Thomas Smith to Mark Thomas Smith Dr. in District 4.

Gretchen and John Whitlow to Natalie Rose Whitlow.

Sherry Chance Arnold to Sherry Chance Arnold in District 5.

Midway Material to Tyanna Lynne Ragsdale.

Richard Davis to William Chuck and Cindy F. Gaskins in District 9.

Alexander Bynum to Casey Drewry in District 22.

Billy McGee to Steve Bowden and others in District 22.

Allan Mollyhorn to Peggy E. Johnson in District 6.

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