Property Transfers

Samantha Coleman to Christopher M. Coleman in District 16.

Steve R. and Steven R. Richardson to Dustin R. Hays in District 2.

Hector Rafael Vélez Marrero to Margaret A. Ware in District 16.

Phyllis and Jacqueline K. Hopper to Jack and Debbie L. Blocker in District 16.

Dale N. Autry to Kathryn Leon in District 24.

Dominic Teauge to Julian Sr. and Rose Logan in District 15.

Phillip and Rebecca Bradley to Heather Bradley.

Ike and Jane Gilbert to Marland D. Gilbert and Jobine L. Gordon in District 11.

Teresa Goodrum to David Blake and David L. Stafford in District 16.

Angela F. And David L. Turner to Benjamin and Brandi Lee in District 11.

John D. and Kathie Abbot to Austin and Kailey Bond in District 11.

Todd B. and Michelle N. Simpson to Michelle N. and Todd B. Simpson in DIstricts 11 and 16.

Stanley L. Shearer to Stanley L. and Karey T. Shearer in District 17.

Lola Mae Thomas to Matthew Arthur Thomas in District 2.

The Perkins Corporation to Michael L. Stafford in District 4.

Sonja Moore Viana to MRH Holdings in District 4.

Ei E. and Anna D. Yoder to Jesasias E. to Ida N. Yoder in District 23.

Margaret Ruth Ann and Gladys Louise Litton to Margaret Ruth Ann Litton and others in District 1.

Gabriel and Angela Ortiz to Living Trust Angela and Gaberiel Ortiz.

Peggy A. Davis to Mari and Patricia Dillahunty.

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