Property Transfers

•Kevin P. and Dana J. Robinson to Charles M. and Denise A. Boykin in District 11.

•Jason and Misty Walker to James G. and Jeri C. Stewart Koopman in District 2.

•Marvin Wise to Phillip C. and Phebe B. Wise in District 13.

•Renee Sykes to Kathy L. Tucker in District 16.

•Michelle Britt to Tai Van Lam and others in District 11.

•Northwest Tennessee Property General Partnership to Harrison Foster.

•Robert Christopher and Kathy Frye Farrelly to Timothy Shane and Melanie Annie Bowen in District 6.

•Frank and Christy M. McGinnis to Thomas Chadwick Taylor and others in District 11.

•Eli E. and Anna D. Yoder to Abraham A. Borntreger and others in District 23.

•Midfirst Bank to Jesus Landeros.

•Barbara Robertston to William Cornelius and Louann May Westerveld in District 4.

•Brian and Brandy Hannan to 13th Realm, LLC in District 21.

•Mary A. Baker and others to Michael L. and Deborah L. Brown in District 4.

•Dennis Beecham to Bonnie Love in District 24.

•Keith E. Smothers to Joe T. and Kathy J. Wood in District 16.

•Bank of Gleason to Jacob H. and Samantha G. Malone in District 9.

•Humble Builders, LLC to Linda Nachtigal.

•Olena Schuck to Ronald Schuck in District 16.

•Ella Joyner to Ella Joyner in District 5.

•James Quisenberry Jr. and others to James Quisenberry Jr. and others in District 19.

•James Clifford Wilson to Miann Wilson.

•Miann Wilson to AGM, LLC.

•Michael Brent Fronabarger to James M. German.

•Larry Belew Spencer to Southern Heritage Real Estate Holdings Company, LLC in District 16.

•Randal L. Sellers to Jacob H. and Samantha G. Malone in District 9.

•Merit Management, LLC to SFR Jackson, LLC.

•Capshore, Inc. to Parkwood Enterprises LLC in District 4.

•John and Carole Butler to Logan Ryan and Morgan Taylor Diebold in District 11.

•B & E. Quick Ice, Inc. to J & E Properties in District 11.

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