Property Transfers

•Mark Owen and others to Mark Owen and Jeri L. Richardson in District 16.

•Samuel E. and Beverly A. Yoder to Arthur E. Jr. and Karen D. Olten in District 16.

•Billy Holmes Dillahunty to Carroll County Emergency Communications District in District 11.

•Clifford E. and Doris E. Butcher to Charles Lee Johnson in District 6.

•Taylor B. Rich to Johnathan Thomas and Kristina Marie Smith in District 10.

•William C. Dillahunty to Peppers Property Management, LLC in District 4.

•Joseph M. Criss to Cody R. Criss in District 20.

•Deborah Griffith to Taylor Boyd Rich in District 23.

•Deborah Griffith to Charles David Jr. and Carla Boyd Sanders in District 23.

•Timothy M. and Jeana R. Williams to Erin Renee Hopper in District 16.

•Tristen Tyler and Ashley Jo Lowe to Roy David Lancaster in District 4.

•James Randall Gillespie and others to Lee Butler and Payten Butler in District 11.

•Michael M. Vitali to Michael M. and Bevalee B. Vitali.

•Bonnie Stanfill to Joe David and Debora Sue Wilkinson in District 4.

•Linda Bassham to Joshua A. Fullington in District 20.

•Jason Lance Oxford and others to Tony Kent Woods in District 11.

•Bobby Dean Heavener to Cindy Jane Swovland in District 21.

•Pamela Wright to Robert J. Claghorn in District 16.

•Marion and Christy Goodman to Charles A. Jr. and Tonya L. Hyde in District 4.

•Stephanie Hodge to Joseph and Naomi McDonald in District 11.

•Scott G. and Michael C. Rieman to Hayden Blankenship in District 24.

•John D. Bond to Melinda Ann Bond in District 16.

•David and Lynda McInnis to Valerie and Charles Cornforth Spaht in District 5.

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