Property Transfers

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Property Transfers

•NCCD-Bethel Properties, LLC to Bethel University, Inc.

•William O. and Tammie C. Vaughan to Vaughan Family Trust in District 17.

•JOTI, LLC to Maria and Joseph Horat in District 14.

•Patsy B. Yearwood to Robin D. and Ellen M. Budde in District 6.

•Jean Bogle to John Kensmoe.

•Brian L. and Thereasa Page to Gina Detoro in District 2.

•John Stoltzfus to Michael Craig and Jennifer S. Kelley in District 18.

•Southern Harvesters, LLC to Cason and Jason Eddie Jarett Hayes.

•Arthur Ullrich, Jr. to Arthur Ullrich, Jr. in District 8.

•Rebecca Lynn Floyd and others to Rebecca Lynn Floyd in District 24.

•Kelsey and Erin Schweitzer to Brian and Allison Winston in District 4.

•Allen and Jennifer Espey and others to State of Tennessee.

•Kim Lowe to Jackson Turner Smith in District 16.

•Phyllis Jane McRae and others to Phyllis Jane McRae in District 2.

•Lucian Kee Jr. to The Luke Kee Irrevocable Family Trust in District 15.

•Lori Jean Worman to John F. and Elsie N. Schwartz in District 23.

•Lori Jean Worman to Kenneth and Tonya Hollingsworth and others in District 23.

•Kevin G. and Audra D. Work to Work Family Trust.

•Kevin G. and Audra D. Work to Work Family Trust in District 16.

•Joan Williams to Loyd D. and Brenda K. Willis in District 11.

•Community Loan Servicing, LLC to Yessica Angulo and others in District 16.

•Bumposhares, Inc. to Citizens Bank & Trust Company in District 21.

•Jeffery and Wendy Matheny to Richard and Dena Simko in District 5.

•Billy Joe and Patricia J. Brown to Ian C. and Dinah L. Carney in District 6.

•Donald and Millie A. Heath to William and Ashley Thorne in District 4.

•Phillip M. Victory to Delilah Michelle Crossno in District 19.

•Charlotte Brisendine to Anthony Davis.

•John David Jones and others to John David Jones and others in District 22.

•Brenda Spencer and others to Julius Cozart V. and others in District 16.

•W.E. Whitesides Jr. to Garry R. and Arlene S. Dlougy in District 18.

•John F. and Elsie N. Schwartz to Joseph S. and Barbara F. Mast in District 23.

•George Atkinson to Ethan D. Conner.

•Tosh Pork LLC to Tosh Pork LLC in District 3.

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