MIG believe better men mean stronger families

On February 20 at the Carroll County Civic Center, men gathered from local counties and area churches for encouragement, fellowship, worship and powerful messages from Nick Wilson of Lexington and Dan Russell of Goodlettsville. This was the third annual MEN of INTEGRITY GATHERING, known as MIG, that has been sponsored and put on by Life Apostolic Church in Huntingdon.

Tim Jordan of Huntingdon had a burden to gather men from the Huntingdon and other communities to not only pray and worship together, but also to learn together on becoming better men. 

MIG Organizer Tim Jordan

“Better men build strong families, which in turn, build strong communities,” said Tim. “Huntingdon is the greatest community to live in, but we can all become better and stronger”.

He complimented Carroll County Civic Center manager Ben Canovan for the great set up that allowed for this event. For 2022 the Men of Integrity Gathering has already been scheduled for Saturday, February 19th at the Carroll County Civic Center. For more information on this event, call Tim Jordan, (731) 415-7911.

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