Hoping for a better 2021

Are you as glad as I am that 2020 is about over? It’s been a tough year. Nothing has been normal.

Generally in February, newspaper events that I have to attend pick up. All the school beauty revues start happening. This year Central and West Carroll managed to get their beauty revues in before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

There was not a Miss McKenzie or Miss Huntingdon.

Only essential businesses were open. The newspaper business was one of those that could continue to operate. Our front door was locked and the receptionist operated the day-to-day business from her residence. Sports editor Ron Park and myself still came into work and wrote articles from our offices that has a petition between them, although side by side. Neither of us have had the virus as far as we know.

But ads and news did slow down. Schools operated by virtual, in school and home schooling. It’s just been a horrific year for students, teachers and parents. State basketball tournaments were shut down. Huntingdon girls got in one game. The boy’s tournament is always played after the girl’s games.

There was no baseball or softball games. The entire spring sports season was cancelled.

Graduations were delayed. Some didn’t happen until June. The school situation  failed to get much better when school started.

Some businesses required masks and limited the number of people inside at a time. Restaurants had either curbside pickup or drive-thru traffic.

Call in orders for groceries became a new way of doing grocery shopping for many.

The Carroll County Fair events were curtailed somewhat.

Quarantining has been a big factor  in trying to quell the virus along with mask wearing.

Deaths have been constant. As of this past weekend, there were 5,766 confirmed deaths of Tennesseans from COVID-19. There have been 50 deaths in Carroll County so far. 

In the middle of all this, there was the presidential election that has caused a lot of chaos.Then last Wednesday, a bomb goes off in Nashville and knocks out a lot of phones and computers powered by AT &T.

There are only a few days left in 2020. Hopefully, nothing else earth shattering will happen.

With the vaccine being distributed, here’s hoping the year 2021 will be a better year for sure.

Happy New Year!

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