General Sessions Report

The following case was bound over the Grand Jury last week in Carroll County General Sessions Court:

•Joel Shane Fry, Hwy 70, Cedar Grove, Bound Over for Burglary – Other than Habitat or Non-Public Building, Vandalism – $2,500 – $10,000, Theft of Property – $10,000 – $60,000, and Aggravated Criminal Trespass.

• • •

The following cases resulted in guilty verdicts or guilty pleas:

•Dallas B. Baker, Thompson Road, Huntingdon, Guilty of Assault-Threat of Bodily Injury, 11/29 Unsupervised Probation, No Contact With Victim, No Violation of Parole will be filed based on this Conviction; Dismissed Charge of Disorderly Conduct.  

•Trevor Bradley, Circle Drive, Huntingdon, Guilty of Spotlighting Deer and Hunting from Across Road or Within 100 Yards of House; $250 fine, 6 months Unsupervised Probation, Hunting License Forfeited for 2 years and seized Hunting Rifle also forfeited; Dismissed Charges of Spotlighting Deer, Hunting from Aircraft/Watercraft/MV Prohibited and Hunt/Kill Big Game During Closed Season.

•Michael Edward Connell, Cheryl Street, McKenzie, Guilty of Probation Violation, 10 Days Jail, Report 6/11/22, and Probation extended 11/29.

•Gavin Maliek Guthrie, Highland Street, Bruceton, Guilty of Implied Consent – MISD, Do Not Drive For 1 Year; Dismissed Charges of DUI-First Offense, Speeding, and Registration Expired.

•Brandy L. Hardin, E. Lake Street, Camden, Guilty of Probation Violation, 90 Days Jail and May Receive Day To Day Jail Credit For At Least 6 Months Successful Completion of Intensive Outpatient Treatment; Dismissed Charges of Failure To Appear-3 Counts and METH-Possession or Casual Exchange.

•Joshua Haynes, Barksdale Avenue, McKenzie, Guilty of Cruelty To Animals, 11/29 Unsupervised Probation, No Animal as Pet For 1 Year, Will Allow Law Enforcement Access to Animal During Daylight For Welfare Check, and Restitution To Other Victims.

•Eddie W. Horton III, Main Street, McKenzie, Guilty of Driving While License Cancelled – 2nd or Subsequent Offense, $50 fine and 11/29 Unsupervised Probation.

•Abbygail Hudson, Little Jackson Lane, Parsons, Guilty of DUI-First Offense, $750 fine, 11/27 Supervised Probation, 48 Hours Jail, Report 7/22/22, Do Not Drive For 1 Year, and A&D Evaluation and Counseling; Dismissed Charge of Contraband in Penal Facility.

•Stephen L. Owen, Hwy 77, Atwood, Guilty of Theft of Property – $500 $1,000 – Attempt, $400 Restitution, and 6 Months Supervised Probation/Only If Released From Jail On Other Charges.

•Jennifer Michelle Taylor, Bobbitt Road, Medina, Guilty of DUI-First Offense and Resisting Arrest, $350 Fine, 10 Days Jail, 11/19 Supervised Probation, and Report Date by 7/5/22; Dismissed Charges of Theft of Property – $10,000 – $60,000, Vandalism $1,000 – $2,500, and Vandalism Up To $1,000.

•Tammy Western, Mandalay Road, Paris, Guilty of Driving While License Revoked-2nd or Subsequent Offense, No Sentence Listed; Dismissed Charges of Speeding and Violation of Financial Responsibility Law.

•Dossie Lynn Wright, Alabama Street, McKenzie, Guilty of Public Intoxication, $50 Fine.

• • •

The following cases resulted in pre-trial or judicial diversions:    

•Roberta Jean Drinkard, Old Lavinia Road, Cedar Grove, Pre-Trial Diversion for Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, 11/29 or Minimum 90 Days Supervised Probation Until Costs Are Paid; Dismissed Charges of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, and Driving While License Canceled.

•Kristina Hilliard, Park Cove, McKenzie, Pre-Trial Diversion for Cruelty To Animals, 5 Months Unsupervised Probation, Restitution To Victims, and Law Enforcement To Have Access During Daylight Hours To Her Other Animals For Welfare Checks.

• • •

The following cases were dismissed:

•Daniel Copeland, Hwy 89, Palmersville, Dismissed Charge of Driving While License Suspended.

•Candis Highsmith, Hillcourt, Huntingdon, Dismissed Charge of Schedule II Drugs – METH.

•Andrew Morhead, No Address Listed, Dismissed Charges of Spotlighting Deer, Hunt/Kill Big Game During Closed Season, Hunt from Aircraft/Watercraft/MV Prohibited. Two counts on each charge.

•Brianna Pugh, Thompson Road, Huntingdon, Dismissed Charge of Harassment.

•Marquez M. Tharpe, Bridgeman Street, Huntingdon, Dismissed Charge of Failure To Appear – Misdemeanor.

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