Dispatcher, supervisor recognized for excellence handling of 911 call

RECOGNIZED – E911 supervisor Jamie Summers (second from left) and dispatcher Amanda Tucker (third from left) were recognized for the handling of a 911 call on Dec. 10 of last year at the March 15 E911 Board meeting. At left is Max Anderson, vice chairman, and at right,board member Sheriff Andy Dickson.

E911 dispatcher Amanda Tucker and her supervisor Jamie Summers were recognized at the March 15 E911 Board meeting for the excellent manner in which an E911 call was handled on Dec. 10 of last year.

Both Tucker and Summers were given a plaque and gift cards.

According to E911 director Kristy Meggs, the incident happened when a female called and said her boyfriend had a gun and was threatening her. Shots were fired while Tucker kept the female caller on the phone for approximately an hour. However, no one was injured in the incident. Sheriff Andy Dickson, who is a member of the E911 Board, praised Tucker for doing an excellent job in handling the situation.

During the meeting, Meggs reported there were no findings by the state comptroller’s office for the July 1, 2020 – June 31, 2021 audit report.

The director gave a report on the equipment insurance information that was requested at the January meeting. She said there is one policy that covers different locations.

The audit contract for fiscal year July 1, 2021 – June 30-2022 will be given to Godwin, Inc. of Savannah for $5,000.

Mowing bids for E911 properties were received from Barsto’s and Matthew Reid of Huntingdon and Bell’s Lawn Service of Atwood. The bid was given to Bell’s Lawn Service, who has been doing the mowing.

The maintenance plan was awarded to Max Call for $9,110.

E911 board member Adam Allen, who was asked to present a proposal for the director’s salary and benefits, mentioned $60,000 as a salary with an added retirement amount and cost of living raise. He also recommended a salary increase each year if E911 was not operating in the red.

However, he will have to present the proposal to the Budget Committee who will have to recommend it to the E911 Board for consideration.

No Budget Committee appointments were made at this meeting, although it was on the agenda.

E911 Board Member Steve Price was congratulated upon his retirement from the Huntingdon Fire Department.


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