Disgust good for your health?

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Did you know that feeling disgusted could actually be good for your health?

That seems difficult to believe, but a study by Aaron D. Blackwell, an associate professor of anthropology at Washington State University says it’s so.

I might tend to disagree with him a bit. When I’m feeling disgusted,  I certainly don’t feel as if is contributing to my health.

Blackwell says that disgust, as it turns out, is good for you, according to this new study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that suggests revulsion could be the body’s way of avoiding infection.

The idea is not new: Charles Darwin hypothesized that humans evolved a sense of disgust to help avoid tainted food, but this is the first study to have directly tested whether greater pathogen disgust sensitivity is associated with fewer current infections.

I don’t believe I want to participate in this study.

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