Candidates qualify for upcoming elections

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Thursday at noon was the deadline for all those wanting to qualify for the May 3 primaries and the Aug. 4 general elections, and, according to information from the Carroll County Election Commission, quite a few have qualified.

In order to qualify, candidates were required to submit a petition that includes 25 signatures from voters registered in Carroll County in county-wide races or signatures from 25 registered voters who live in that specific district for district races.

Listed below are these qualifying candidates and the offices for which they are running. Candidates qualifying for local Democrat or Republican primaries will have a (D) or (R) behind their names, while candidates running as independents will have an (I) after their names.

24th Judicial District

•Carroll County General Sessions/Juvenile Judge: Larry J. Logan (R), Michael U. King (I).

•Circuit Court Judge, Part I: Brent Bradberry (R), Terry J. Leonard (R), Vance Dennis (R), Bruce Irwin Griffey (R).

•Chancellor: Vicki Hodge Hoover (R).

•District Attorney General: Neil Thompson (R), Matthew Stowe (R).

•Public Defender: Robert “Tas” Gardner (R).

•Court of Appeals-West: John Everette Williams, who was not required to go through the petition process. An option of voting for or against his retention will appear on the Aug. 6 ballot.

County Offices

•County Mayor: Joseph G. Butler (R).

•Commissioner, District 1 (3 seats): Patrick E. Lindsey (R), Randy D. Long (I), Darrell Ridgely (I), Frank G. Casteel (I), Jimmy Halford (I).

•Commissioner, District 2 (2 seats): Bertha L. Taylor (D), Lana Y. Suite (I), Daniel L. Willman (R), Timothy A. Kee (I).

•Commissioner, District 3 (3 seats): Larry Spencer (I), Joseph “Joey” Simmons (I), Will McMackin (I).

•Commissioner, District 4 (2 seats): T. Richard Goodwin (I), Hal Eason (I), Donald Finch (I), Daniel J. Thomas (R), Lin Smith (I).

•Commioner, District 5 (3 seats): Barry Mac Murphy (I), Joey Darnall (R), Vince Taylor (I), Cyril Ostiguy (R), RaKaya Humphreys (I).

•Commissioner, District 6 (2 seats): Jimmy D. McClure (I), Kurt Hunley (I), Philip E. Moore (I).

•Commissioner, District 7 (2 seats): Manuel L. Crossno (I), Virginia Ginger House (D), Walter Smothers (I).

•Commissioner, District 8 (2 seats): Willie Huffman (I), Jay Phipps (R).

•Commissioner, District 9 (3 seats): John Austin (I), Jason R. Martin (I), Spiros L. Roditis (I).

•Assessor of Property: Rita Jones (I).

•Trustee (I): Paula Bolen (I).

•Sheriff: Andy Dickson (I), Tim Pratt (R).

•Circuit Court Clerk: Sarah Bradberry (R), Darlene Kirk (I).

•Register of Deeds: Natalie McCullough Porter (D), Harold T. Smith Jr. (I).

•Road Supervisor, District 1: Ricky Scott (R).

•Road Supervisor, District 2: Michael Kyle (I), Ronnie A. Wade (I).

County School Board

•District 1 (1 seat): Mike Foster (I).

•District 2 (1 four-yr. term & 1 two-yr. unexpired term): Deborah S. Broadbent (I), James Randy Kelley (I).

•District 3 (1 seat): Charlotte Tucker (I), Michael Tate (D).

Hollow Rock-Bruceton School Board

•16th Civil District (1 seat): Brandy Boyd (R).

•16th At-Large District (1 seat): April Hampton (I), James Randy Kelley (I).

•15th Civil District (1 seat): Michael Graves (I).

•17th Vale Civil District (1 seat): James “Jim” Holder (I), Vicki L. Borwn (I).

Huntingdon School Board

•At Large (2 seats): RaKaya Humphreys (I), Kennedy White (I), Clarks White (I), Ryan Clay Nolen (I), Elicia C. Stevens (R).

McKenzie School Board

•At Large (4 seats): Dorothea Renee Hobson (I), Bobby Young (I), George Cassidy (I), Melissa N. Herris (I), La’Shonda Williams (I), Spiros L. Roditis.

South Carroll School Board

•At Large (2 seats): Jimmy D. McClure (I), Colton Moore (I), Christy Blount (I), Tom Miller (R).   

West Carroll School Board

•Old County District (1 seat): Patrick E. Lindsey (R), Betty Wallace (I), Jared Mims (I).

•Old Atwood District (1 seat): David Hilliard (R), Keith Murray (I).

•Old Trezevant District (1 seat): Kelly M. Weaver (I), Becky Mueller (I).

City of Clarksburg

•Mayor (1 seat): Howell Wayne Todd.

•Alderman (2 seats): Judy Grant Smith, Barbara A. McClure.

Note: The qualifying deadline for the November ballot is April 7.

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