Believe Better

There were two buckets in a well. They were both in the same well, but aside from that, they were different. One was very unhappy and often complained because no matter how full he came up, he always went down empty. The other bucket found cause for rejoicing because no matter how empty he went down, he always came up full ( Some say perspective is reality. Perspective is important to be sure, and sometimes can change reality.  In the book, The Healing Heart, the story is told of a patient who heard the physician say they had TS (acronym for Tricuspid Stenosis), and then walked out of the room. The patient condition worsened in the coming weeks because they misunderstood the meaning of TS and thought the worse. Our perceptions can be incorrect and be harmful if negative just as words can be harmful and negative.

It is important to believe no matter our current circumstances that we can do better and can be better tomorrow than we are today in our journey with grief. A great deal of this accomplishment depends upon whether we believe in ourselves and our hope for tomorrow. Martin Luther King Jr. in his I have a dream speech stated repeatedly that, “We can never be satisfied…as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.” No matter what lose you are coping with you are able to rebuild your life by believing better of yourself. We all need support in life. None of us are an island to ourselves. We need assistance occasionally from family, friends, and when available others outside these. Let us join together and support one another in believing we can believe better. This is Sunrise Aftercare, [email protected].

Raven Trevathan

Raven Trevathan

Administrative Assistant

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