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Anyone Wanna Play Cowboys—FOR REAL?

Dear Editor,

When I was a youngster growing up in the rural south one of the few things we had for entertainment was playing cowboys. We used everything from home made wooden pistols to the fancy kind that held paper rolls of “caps”. At some point we out grew this type of entertainment.
But from what I read in the news today some Tennessee adults never outgrew the need to strap a real loaded pistol to their side and parade around wherever they wish in public places. It seems this includes our governor and the majority of the state house and senate.
I’m wondering how I will react the first time I’m in a local grocery store trying to interpret my grocery list and look up and see someone standing next to me with a huge obviously real pistol in a holster strapped halfway between waist and hip.
Did we really need this additional “Freedom”? Do we really need a representative, senator, or governor that needs to show such “leadership” to overcome their political insecurity?

Chuck Jones Carroll County Tennessee

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