A worthwhile project progresses

Lori Dillahunty has an invasion of a sensory focused park where children of all abilities play together.

Better known as an inclusion park, the idea is taking hold across the country.

It would be built in one of Huntingdon’s city parks, but would be for all children of the county and visitors outside the county as well.

Members of the board in addition to Lori who serves as chairman include: Vice Chairman, Jennifer Johnson; Secretary, Nikki Cunningham; Treasurer, Jennie Smith; Education Chairman, Allison Williams; Social Chairman, Krystal Tippitt; Fundraising Chairman, Wendy Jones and Head Grant Writer, Connie Bond.

They are an energetic and caring group of women who want to insure the preservation and improvement of recreation opportunities at Huntingdon City Parks and its resources, through community participation.

 The mission says: We are committed to maintaining and increasing the value and importance of our city parks as a place of natural beauty, culture, recreation, and education for the public. We were created to assist the Town of Huntingdon with a public venue to share feedback and fundraise as needed.    

Board members are pooling their ideas for the park by visiting other inclusion parks across the state as well as out of state parks.

Through their small fundraising efforts they have managed to raise about $24,000 so far. They are hopeful that funds being sought through Blue Cross Blue Shield will be awarded. However, they are continuing their efforts through other avenues.

Friends of the Park is partnering with Play 4 All, an extension of Cunningham Recreation, a service that helps communities secure the resources necessary to build play spaces for everyone to enjoy. They will assist with design, budget and project timeline.

Anyone interested in the project are more than welcome to join the group.

This group is doing all they can to make sure an inclusion playground will be created with all children of all ages and abilities in mind. They have big dream for what this project will eventually turn into.

It’s a great cause that means so much to so many children. With this group’s efforts I’m sure it will become a reality because it so worthwhile.

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