ZLine donates M95 masks locally

Since the start of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, medical grade masks – particularly M95 masks – have
been a commodity that’s been widely sought after but hard to find.
But ZLine Kitchen and Bath, an international company with local operations, has managed to acquire quite a lot
of them, and, believe it or not, they are giving them away.
According to Mike Zuro, brother of ZLine CEO Andy Zuro, the company recently purchased 120,000 M95 masks
in China, and the decision was then made to donate these masks to those on the front line of the pandemic in the
communities where ZLine facilities are located in the U.S.
One of those facilities is on Rowland Mill Road in Bruceton in a former H.I.S. building.
Zuro said that his company has already given masks to the McKenzie Medical Center, the Bruceton Clinic, the
Bruceton Police and Fire Departments, some local businesses, and the Prenatal Care Unit at Jackson-Madison
County General Hospital, and they still have around 20,000 masks left to donate.
As Zuro explained, ZLine conducts operations in China, and it was through their Chinese connections that they
were able to acquire the masks. Then it was just a matter of getting the masks shipped from China to the U.S.
“We’re just trying to do the right thing and do our part,” said Zuro.
He said that they also purchased 20,000 COVID-19 antibody tests while in China, which they are also donating.
Zuro pointed out, however, that, like many of the antibody tests being used right now, these tests are not exactly
100 percent reliable in their results.
ZLine has been conducting operations at its Bruceton facility since November of 2018, employing between 20 and
30 people at that site.

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