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WRJB Radio basketball coverage starts next week

WRJB 95.9 will begin it’s 2019-2020 radio basketball broadcast schedule November 25 when Camden visits Henry County. 

Following the conclusion of the regular season, WRJB will, as it has done since 1995, provide complete coverage of the District 11A Basketball Tournament, as well as tournament games that will involve Camden High School. 

After the District Tournaments, WRJB will continue coverage of teams in the regional tournaments and sectional games.

As part of my weekly column, The Courtside Report, I will include highlights from the following upcoming games each week: 

•Nov. 25: Camden at Henry County

•Nov. 26: Central at Camden

•Dec. 3: Big Sandy at Central

•Dec. 6: Camden at Central

•Dec. 16: Camden at Big Sandy

•Jan. 10: Huntingdon at Big Sandy

•Jan. 14: Huntingdon at Central

•Jan. 17: Waverly at Camden

•Jan. 20: Camden at Huntingdon

•Jan. 24: Central at Big Sandy

•Jan. 27: Central at Gleason

•Jan. 28: Big Sandy at Huntingdon

•Jan. 31: Central at Huntingdon

•Feb. 3: Huntingdon at Camden

•Feb. 7: Clarksburg at Central

•Feb. 11: Camden at Waverly

•Feb. 15, 18, 20, 21, 22: District 11A Basketball Tournament

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