Writer agrees officers should be appreciated

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Dear Editor,

A big thanks to Shirley Nanney and Dennis Richardson for their columns in the News-Leader on 8/12/2020. 

Shirley is correct, we need to stand up for and let our law enforcement officers know we appreciate them and that we are aware of the risks they take every time they put on a uniform.  They are underpaid, yet the media seems to love to repeatedly show and dwell on the few bad apples instead of the multiple everyday wonderful things so many do. Yes, there are definitely some rotten apples in law enforcement that need to be fired or imprisoned. 

But I firmly believe there are many more excellent officers that are willing to and do lay their lives on the line everyday. Why doesn’t the media put the spotlight on the many rotten elected men and women in Congress from BOTH PARTIES that are worse and in truth do more harm to millions of people in the laws they make and pass, than all the police do any day.  Let’s shine the spotlight where it is needed most, in Washington!

Which brings me to the excellent article by Dennis.  As with Shirley’s it is so timely, seeing we have an election coming up.  Maybe this will remind many voters of what Socialism does and even more important, may it teach younger voters what Socialism is as they are not being taught this in schools today.  I urge all voters to pay attention, do your homework and see what Socialism really is.  Don’t be lulled into thinking it is the answer to our country’s needs. 

This country must have more people that are willing to work for what they earn and we need to teach others there is no such thing as a free handout.  We, the taxpayers, foot the bill.  The illustration the professor used is the best way to show exactly what Socialism does and how it affects everyone.  

Again my thanks to Shirley and Dennis for telling it like it is.

Eileen Pritchard

Clarksburg, TN

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