Winter Activities To Do With Your Dog

While winter is not the most ideal season to spend outdoors for most people, it does offer its own unique landscape for you and your dog to enjoy. Whether it’s going out to explore and find fun in the snow or coming up with new things to do inside, there are a bunch of winter activities to do with your dog.

Venturing Outside

Before deciding to go outside, it is important to realize the potential risks. While dogs do have their fur to keep them warm, they still run the risk of catching frostbite. There are ways to protect your dogs’ paws, so make sure to take the necessary precautions for their sake.

Now that your pup is all bundled up and safe from the elements, it’s time to find some activities to do together. Fetch, just like in the summer, can be a fun and physically stimulating time for your dog. However, there are a few more considerations to keep in mind to keep your dog engaged as well as safe. The first is to make sure you are not playing around any ice; your dog could inadvertently run over and slip. The second is to have a brightly colored ball for your dog to easily keep track of where it is and find it.

For medium or large-sized dog owners, you can try skijoring as an activity together. Skijoring is the winter sport of a person on skis being pulled by a horse, vehicle, or, in this case, by a dog. This is a good way for younger and more athletic dogs to keep up with their exercise and burn off extra energy during the winter months. Just be careful if your dog is older or has underlying health issues, as the stress may not be good for them.

Keeping It Indoors

If the outdoors is too cold, you can always stay inside—whether that’s at home or somewhere else. If you opt to stay at home, you can always try to teach your dog new tricks. Keeping them active like this gives them that mental stimulation that keeps them from becoming bored. Remember to reward your dog with treats after any successful attempt; it helps keep them motivated and lets them know they’re doing it correctly.

However, if you don’t feel like staying cooped up at home, you can always take your dog to an indoor dog park. This can offer your dog the opportunity to run around in large, open spaces as if it were summer. It also has the benefit of letting your pup be social with other dogs, whether it’s running around together, wrestling, or just sniffing each other until their heart’s content.

Whether it’s outside or at home, there are a number of winter activities to do with your dog. It is always important to keep your dog active, healthy, and most of all, safe.

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