Winners among Carroll County Walkers named

The official Walk Across Tennessee results for Carroll County are in. This challenge was held by the Carroll County UT Extension office that partnered with Carroll County Coordinated School Health September 7 – November 1. There were 18 teams of six that participated this year, and they each worked hard to reach their physical activity goals. All together, the teams walked 19,508.38 miles over 8 weeks. That’s the equivalent of walking across Tennessee over 44 times.

Carroll County Coordinated School Health donated prizes to the first, second,  and third place teams. There was also a prize for Top Male and Top Female. The winners were as follows: Top Male,  David Duncan; Top Female, Katie Dill; First Place Team, The High Steppers; Second Place Team, Walk It Like We Sing It; and Third Place, The Roads Scholars.

Left to Right:
TOP FEMALE – The top female walker is Katie Dill.
TOP MALE – The top male walker is David Duncan

Left to Right:
FIRST PLACE– The first place walking team was The High Steppers. From left are Gerald Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Cara Chadwick, Katie Dill, Stephanie Pearson and Collin Pruett.
SECOND PLACE -Taking second place was the Walk It Like We Sing It team. From left are Allison Myles, Cordell Myles, Jackie Wester, Natalie Porter, Psyanita Elmore, and not pictured, Cedric Myles.
THIRD PLACE – The third place walking team was The Roads Scholars. From left are Dennis Chapman, Debbie Moore, Chaisee Rich, Dewayne Ervin, Dawn Ervin and David Duncan

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