Why Do We Have Clutter and What Can We Do About It?

Why Do We Have Clutter and What Can We Do About It?

There are a number of reasons why people have clutter. If you struggle with clutter, you must understand the root of the problem before you can fix it. So why do we have clutter, and what can we do to mitigate it? Luckily, we don’t have to live with clutter forever. Let’s dive into why we struggle with it and what we can do to help.  

Technical Reasons: Not Enough Space

Sometimes there are technical reasons we have clutter. We generally can’t control these things, like a lack of space. If your home is too small, you may not be able to fit everything you need in it. Some want their items close at hand. This is fine, but you need at least some space because otherwise, clutter becomes a health hazard.

If it’s in your budget, renting a storage unit is a good way to declutter your home. If you can’t, you’ll have to part with some items and cut down on spending for the time being. Either of these solutions works if you have space issues.

Time Management: Feeling Overwhelmed

Time management is a huge issue when it comes to clutter. Some people don’t have time to organize adequately. They might look at toys on the floor or clothes in the closet and feel overwhelmed. In cases like this, one option is to hire outside help. Professional organizers are great at what they do. Another option is to make time for it by chipping away at your clutter in bite-sized chunks. Who said you had to get it done all at once?

Psychological and Physical Reasons: Disabilities

Many different disabilities make it hard to stay on top of household chores. If this is the case, calling in some outside help might be wise. Professional organizers are there for that reason, and they won’t judge you no matter how extensive your clutter is.

Hiring someone to organize your home may be worth it because the psychological benefits of decluttering are wide-ranging. If you deal with depression and anxiety, there are therapies that make you more productive. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) can help you with overall productivity, which may, in turn, help you tackle your chores. Mental health is a major reason people have clutter, and behavioral therapy is a helpful way to do something about it. As always, consult your therapist or doctor before starting.

In short, there are many reasons a person might deal with clutter. It’s important not to judge yourself if this is a problem. Instead, utilize some solutions to the problem we’ve outlined here. You’ll be happy you did.

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