What You Can Do With Laser Cutting

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Your business runs on efficiency and quality. Without these two elements, consumers will not likely pursue your products and services. There are many ways to improve your outputs, but laser cutting is one of the best ways to blend precision and timeliness. Here is a quick look at what you can do with laser cutting.

Laser Cutting

As the name implies, laser cutting shapes materials by cutting all the way through them. Lasers are focused and amplified beams of light that can burn and melt whatever it touches. Though many lasers available in toy stores can only hurt the eyes if shined directly into them, industrial lasers are built for high-intensity carving. Computer-operated lasers trace their way across the material to create the desired shape. For your business, you could utilize everything from laser-cut acrylic logo signs to laser-cut greeting cards. The process works on all kinds of materials and will leave your clients thoroughly impressed.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving uses similar processes to laser cutting but it does not bore through the objects. Instead, it leaves a deep groove in the material that cuts away the top layer. Wood is one of many materials you can engrave since it can withstand the intensity of the laser beam and it leaves a discernable wood-burned engraving. In fact, you can engrave all kinds of materials—from wood to slate, to acrylic, to metal. In business, personalized products or engraved plaques go a long way toward customer and employee satisfaction.

Laser Marking

Though it may sound quite similar to laser engraving, laser marking creates a slightly different result with an altered process. Laser marking does not leave as deep an etch in materials as laser engraving. Metal is the best example of this difference. Many manufactured nuts and bolts have serial or product numbers etched on their surface. This marking does not penetrate past the surface but instead changes the color of the top layer while leaving the deeper layers intact. If you run a manufacturing business, laser marking is perfect for notating product information on metal pipes, screws, and tags alike.

Now that you know what you can do with laser cutting, look for ways to improve your current business. There are many laser cutting and engraving benefits, so upgrade your products and services today!

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