What To Know About Driving Through Construction Zones

From the time we first receive our licenses, we’re well-aware that road construction zones pose a risk to all individuals on and around them. However, even so, many drivers forget how to respond when they finally approach one themselves. This uncertainty can lead to a heightened state of confusion and increase the chances of something going wrong. Learn what to know about driving through construction zones and what you can do to maximize safety during this time.

The Area Is Marked by Signage and Cones

Firstly, the appropriate warning signs, cones, and barricades will section off all construction zones. By design, these items grab attention and make you aware of the potential hazard you’re approaching. Some signs will indicate where you’re supposed to go and how fast you’re allowed to move. In fact, even the color of the traffic cones could convey a message, so pay attention and follow their directions.

Flaggers Provide Additional Instruction

For larger construction sites, professional flaggers will also be present to direct the flow of traffic. These individuals wear brightly colored vests and carry long signposts to help them communicate with passing motorists. As such, one of the best ways to keep yourself and other drivers around you safe is to do what they instruct. These directions may include proceeding slowly or stopping entirely for a short period.

Always Assume Workers Are Present

Another crucial thing to know about driving through construction zones is that you should always act as though workers are nearby—even if you can’t see them. There’s a lot of activity in these areas, and hazards can appear with little warning. As such, drivers need to anticipate potential dangers and be ready to react accordingly. Reduce your speed and stay acutely aware of your surroundings.

Other Drivers May Be Agitated

Aside from rush hour traffic, construction zones are among the most irritating situations for drivers to handle. It’s common to see minor bouts of road rage as individuals drive through these locations. These drivers could engage in behaviors like tailgating and frequent acceleration that are dangerous in a confined space and increase the chances of an accident. Therefore, make sure you keep your distance and maintain a patient and calm attitude.

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